Why hire me to speak at your event or training session?

After finally selling social media to upper management, most marketing and PR departments start with a Facebook fan page and Twitter account, posting offers, company news and discount codes. But what if that’s not what the market wants to hear from your organization? Are your efforts merely adding noise to the social space? And what if an intern or junior staffer inadvertently triggers a blogger backlash or public misperception that makes you miss your numbers or worse yet, impacts share price?

My strategic social media counsel can save you tens of thousands of dollars of labor costs, rework, and potential PR disasters that could come about by finding your way through social media marketing without guidance.

Don’t wonder why more people aren’t fanning your content or commenting on your YouTube video. Take your social media engagement efforts to the next level by investing in social media counsel from a seasoned marketing pro with experience on major brands—one who can lay out a clear social media marketing plan and provide counsel to your teams based on proven success.

Having managed events for both previous employers and clients, I know the demands placed on finding and signing speaking talent that will turn an average event into one attendees will remember – and the benefits of having low-maintenance speakers while you’re trying to prep for the big event.

Public speaking is an artform that requires energy, personality, preparation, and commitment. I specialize in helping people understand this rapidly changing subject and in bringing both the Why and the How to audiences: big ideas with a deeper dive into practical application. The training to the people is done to select the right likes and comments on the videos. A visit can be made at https://www.smm-world.com/buy-instagram-likes site which are available at cheaper rates. The practical solutions is provided to the people for the desired results. 

My delivery style has been characterized as energetic, passionate, funny and wry, and includes a focus on statistics, trends, a few personal stories and a bit of humor to keep things light.

Computer/software: Presentations typically consist of PowerPoint with integrated HD videos. I provide my own laptop, and video connectors.

Audio: 1/8″ stereo laptop audio feed into the house sound system is a requirement.

Microphone: Because of the plethora of venue sound systems, I don’t bring my own mic. I work best when I’m able to walk around the room, so a wireless lav mic is important to provide the most engaging presentation.

Display: I present off a MacBook Pro and can output a presentation via VGA or HDMI, in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

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