What Happened To Customer Service?

Someone once said that most employers only pay enough to keep the majority of their workers from quitting, and most workers do only enough work to keep from getting fired. This sentiment certainly seems to ring true in the service industry.

We spend countless hours waiting for service. We stand in long lines at the supermarket while workers move around in slow motion as if they do not have a care in the world. We sit in doctors’ offices for several hours beyond our appointments. We put up with rude receptionists and HR workers while waiting for job interviews.

Why does such inconsiderate behavior continue to occur, and why do we tolerate it? Businesses need customers. Doctors need patients. Companies need employees. We must learn to value our time, and demand to be treated with respect. Here’s how:

  1. Do not wait in line longer than 10 minutes. Leave the shopping cart filled with groceries in line and exit the store if you have been waiting in line 10 minutes. The stores need your business. If service is slow, find another supermarket to do business with. You are already paying for overpriced goods, and it makes no sense to waste your time in the process. Be prepared to make exceptions during the holidays.
  2. Do not wait in the doctor’s office longer than 30 minutes. Doctors are not God. They consider their time to be valuable and they expect to be treated with respect. Likewise, your time is valuable and you should be treated with respect. If you have an appointment, you need to be seen on time. If the doctor is behind schedule the office staff should inform you immediately and offer to reschedule. You have a life and sitting in the waiting room for hours on end is unacceptable. Do you really want to wait two hours to be seen for 15 minutes? If this is the norm at your doctor’s office, start looking for a new provider.
  3. Do not wait longer than 15 minutes for a job interview. Yes, you may want and need a job, but you do not want to be a pushover. If the supervisor is not organized, and does not manage time well, it will not be in your best interest to work there. Pay attention to the little signs. There are other job opportunities out there.
  4. Do not patronize businesses that have bad service. Inform management of the poor service, and be willing to take your business somewhere else. Businesses usually make efforts to improve when they start losing money. If the workers are rude, the return policies are unfair, or the quality of the goods and services leaves much to be desired, this is not the place to spend your hard-earned money.

The lack of customer service is obvious upon entering most businesses. Who or what is to blame? Are the employees improperly trained? Are the wages too low? Do the workers simply hate the job? And what happened to personal integrity?

If you work in the service industry, it is your responsibility to provide quality customer service with a positive attitude. If you do not like working for that company, then quit. Do not mistreat the customers to get back at your boss. Not only are you representing the company, but you are representing yourself as a human being. Display some integrity and show respect for yourself and others at all times. In other words, do the right thing. Bring customer service back.

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