What Are Some Do’s And Don’ts For Having Good Night Sleep?

Everyone needs to sleep at night. But many people find it difficult to sleep at night for many reasons. Some have various tensions, worries, and other issues in their life that do not let them sleep while some might have some physical illnesses that do not let them sleep. 

Whatever be the reason, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that one can follow to lessen the stress and have a good night’s sleep. You can read some good night quotes in this regard. 


  • Make a specific routine of sleep. Having a fixed time of sleeping and waking up makes it easy to have a sound sleep at night. 
  • Reserve the bedroom only for sleep.
  • Do regular exercise, and it will surely help you have proper sleep at night. 
  • Try to create a sleep environment in your bedroom. Have minimum distraction and maximum comfort in the bedroom. Invest in good mattress and pillow. And also maintain minimum sound and darkness while sleeping.
  • Try to have a certain amount of sleep every day. A healthy adult is required to have 8 hours of a sound sleep at night. 
  • Take a deep breath and do stretch your body if you are having difficulty sleeping. 
  • Read some good night quotes, if possible. 


  • Do not try to sleep during the day if you find it difficult to sleep at night.
  • Stay away from coffee before you go to sleep at night. 
  • Do not indulge in consuming spicy food or heavy meal in dinner. 
  • Do not read, eat, or watch TV while you are on the bed for sleeping. 
  • Do not try to overthink or worry about anything after getting on the bed at night. 
  • Do not answer your phone once you get on the bed. Do it in the next morning. 
  • Do not keep the lights on while you are trying to sleep on the bed. 




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