What Are Private Label Rights Articles and How Can You Use Them

First things first – what is PLR? PLR stands for private label rights. Generally speaking, it’s content to which you can purchase the rights for using any way you see fit. Many PLR articles will have a specific set of rights, telling you exactly what you’re allowed to do with them. Most will usually allow you to use the content in any way you like for your own private use, but limit you from selling or giving the rights of use to anyone else. The most commonly used type of PLR is articles, and that’s what we’ll be talking about here.

Before you decide that PLR is a great idea for you, there are some things you should know it. It’s true that there is some great private rights content out there, but there is a lot of real garbage too. Not all PLR articles are well written. There are many that are pure garbage. You should definitely beware of very low priced packs, like those packs of 10,000 free articles that you can find being given away in some places.

However, if you have difficulty writing articles, or if you simply don’t have the time to do it, buying PLR articles can be a great alternative to hiring a high priced ghostwriter. You can use these articles to easily add more content to your blog or website.

The trick with maximizing the benefits of PLR is to not use it “as is”. The articles you buy will be your starting point for great content of your own. Light rewriting is all that’s needed to convert it to original content for your site. This is especially important if you’re going to use the information on your blog; you want to make sure that the article is rewritten enough to have your “voice”. Change the title and add your own keywords. Where writing an article of your own from scratch may take several hours if you have to research, you can rewrite your purchased articles in as little as fifteen to twenty minutes.

One of the best things about PLR articles is the ability you’ll have to use them in so many different ways. Sure, you can rewrite the articles and use them on your blog or website. But you can also break the articles up to use is an auto-responder series. This works especially well with articles written as “5 Tips to….” Use each tip as one day’s email sent to your list.

Another option is to take the articles in your pack and bundle them together to create your own report. Many PLR articles are sold in packs that are based on one topic, like saving money or losing weight. It’s simple to repackage them with each article as a chapter in a small PDF report. You can use this as a giveaway for people who opt-in to your email list, or even sell it to create passive income. The availability of the impressive discount will increase the interest of the writers to write the articles. The posting of the articles should increase the ranking of the site. 

The odds of someone running into the same article you’ve bought on a different blog are very slim, and it’s even less likely when you’ve rewritten the material using your own keywords. Keep your eyes out for fresh PLR – don’t depend on the stuff that’s been out there traveling around the internet for years. The best place to find good private label rights articles is on sites that write their own articles to sell. Look for sites like Quality PLR Zone that sell original articles in limited quantities. This way you can be assured that the content you buy won’t be popping up in a thousand places across the internet.

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