Using Roof Rakes or Snow Rakes

Why is using a roof rake essential winter roof maintenance? Removing snow from your roof is important because of the damage the weight of the snow can inflict. Heavy snow can cause a roof to buckle or collapse. It can also melt and re-freeze. This causes ice dams that block drainage. Using a roof rake isn’t the only winter roof maintenance you should be concerned with. Here’s how to use a roof rake, plus other winter roof maintenance tips. Although, before the installation process make sure to consult for better tips and recommendations that you should take into account. This can save you a lot of time and money.

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Using a roof rake is simple but requires some knowledge. A roof rake is specially designed so that the rake itself never touches the roof. That being said, you should always use downward strokes. This keeps shingles from being damaged or pulled from the roof. There’s no need to climb a ladder to use a roof rake. Simply buy extensions or a longer rake. This way you can reach the roof from the ground. Climbing a ladder in winter is a shaky proposition at best. Roof rakes provide safer winter roof maintenance.

Consider using heat tape to prevent ice dams on your roof. This winter roof maintenance should be installed in the fall. You can buy a specially designed heat tape to use on the lower half of your roof. Melting snow often settles there to form ice. The heat tape will discourage these ice patches from growing into gutter blocking dams. Heat tape is not a substitute for roof rakes. You will still have to remove the snow from the roof.

What if you already have ice dams on your roof? Roof rakes are no help for this issue, nor is heat tape. Chipping away randomly at the ice on your roof is a bad idea. How do you conquer ice dams? One thing you can do is to make a water channel through the ice dam. This can be done carefully with a hammer and chisel. You can also use the roof melt on the ice dams. This is a product similar to the ice melt used on driveways and sidewalks.

Keeping gutters clear is essential winter roof maintenance. Before the first snow falls, always clean your gutters thoroughly. Fall leaves and other debris can cause some serious blockage. Blocked gutters don’t drain properly. This exacerbates issues with ice damning and pooling on your roof and where your drain-spouts end. Pulling snow over clogged gutters with a roof rake compounds ice dams as well.

Trim trees back from the roof in the fall. This winter roof maintenance tip keeps snow and ice-laden branches from breaking. Heavy branches can cause serious damage to your roof. Even small branches can mar and break shingles. Roof replacement is one of the most costly repairs to a home. Why not be sure to use roof rakes, heat tape and other winter roof maintenance? The cost is minimal and it may save your roof.

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