Trip to Edmonton

When deciding what to write about, I chose my trip to wonderful Edmonton. I have taken many vacations in my life with family and friends and this one sticks out in my mind as the most memorable and fun. We packed our bags and took off really early in the morning. We stopped in Calgary and then spent four enjoyable days in Edmonton. I know I will never forget all the fun we had.

I got up really early, after a night of not sleeping from all the excitement of taking this trip. It was still dark outside by the time we had all our bags in the car. We all piled into the car and we were off, heading for a different, unfamiliar country. It seemed weird to be taking this trip without my parents, but trust me; I made it through all right. It seemed like we drove forever and we were still in Montana. Finally we crossed the border, which was weird because I had heard that it was so hard to do and all they asked for our drivers licenses. From the official website, the selection of trusted movers in Edmonton should be done. The fun and entertainment of the person should be great and interesting for the person. The trust of the person should be gathered for the benefit and hiring of moving services.

We got over the border; everywhere we looked was close to what we see everyday. All the mountains were similar and very beautiful. Although it did seem like the speed limit changed every other time we saw a sign, which was a little weird because in Montana the speed limit is the same all over. As we got closer to Calgary the mountains around us got bigger, as we were getting closer to the big Rocky Mountains. We finally made it to Calgary. We made plans to stop at the animal zoo. It seemed quite expensive but it was worth the money. It was cold out since it was March, so we walked sort of fast and we all had on heavy coats. We saw animals such as white polar bears, all different kinds of monkeys and gorillas, African giraffes, hippos, and many others. By the time we were done, we were all so cold it felt so good to get into the car and turn on the heat. We got in the car and were off for another three hours to Edmonton.

By the time we got to Edmonton it was almost dark, we checked into our hotel and checked out the heated pool. We stayed at a Ramada Inn with a water park; it was really nice, with two water slides and a huge hot tub. Our room was very nice too, plenty big enough for all of us. Of course we had to drive over to the mall and of course we got lost. This happened more than once. We were way off track. We drove around for about an hour before we got to the right street. When we finally got to the mall, it was huge. It had so many entrances and parking spaces. The mall had so many stores; we spent hours and hours there. It had two levels of stores, and other attractions. Inside the mall was a water park that had about 10 waterslides, including some that went straight down. Some of the slides people can take your inner tube on; it was great fun. The water park also has a wave pool that so many people were in. Everyone hit heads and inner tubes every time a wave came. The mall also has an amusement park; they had a huge indoor roller coaster that went upside down three times. I got whiplash because it was so fast!

We all had a really great time. I would recommend anyone who likes to shop to take a trip up there, it’s worth the time and money. Edmonton has so many fun things to do; we didn’t even have enough time to it all. By the time we got home we were so tired from not sleeping and running around the mall. After the money exchange difference, anyone with about two hundred American dollars and a way of transportation, can have about two hundred and sixty Canadian dollars worth of fun!

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