Top Features To Check While Buying The Right Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are your thing when it comes to the perfect clean shaven look in a snap and without the typical watery mess. Are you too looking to buy an electric shaver this time? Hey, that’s great- but remember, not all electric shavers available in the market will be compatible for you. Before you make your investment in an electric shaver, there are some crucial features that you must look for in the device. It’s always wise to test your shaver beforehand just as you take a haarschneidemaschine test while buying your new clipper.

The post below shares insights on the top features to check while buying the right electric shaver.

Compatibility with your beard

Not every kind of electric shaver would be suitable for your beard. There are two major kinds of shavers- foil and rotary. Foil is the kind of shaver which would be great for beards that usually points downward. On the other hand, Rotary is mostly compatible with a beards that swirl around. So, make sure the shaver you are choosing is compatible with your beard.

Long battery life

Leading electric shaver models usually promise a solid battery life for up to 10-12 hours at a stretch. In other words, your shaver should be able to allow minimum 7 shaves on one single charge.  Some models even allow 5-minute emergency charge which is great for one shave in a jiffy.

Does the charger shut off automatically?

It would be great if your chosen shaver model comes with automatic shut-off capacity. In Automatic Shut-off model, the charger will shut-off immediately and automatically when  the battery gets charged.

Warning for low battery

It would be really cool if your chosen shaver comes with charge indicator which can send you notifications about low battery. This way, you will always know the right time to charge your shaver to make the most of it.

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