Top 5 Reasons to Go to Thailand – Check them!!

Thailand is an incredible place to visit! The Thai Kingdom has a rich culture and a colorful history- a legacy given to it by one of the earliest civilizations in the world. From the northern province of Chiang Rai to its southernmost Narathiwat province, Thailand is one unique destination where you can find a host of wonderful natural and man-made wonders all along. Thailand is one unique place where natural beauty, dense jungles, stunning waterfalls, exotic beaches, legendary temples and palaces, nightlife and such other interesting themes invite travelers with arms wide open.

Thailand is a pretty easy destination for Europeans. But the North Americans will have to travel for 14+ hours in a flight to visit this place! However far and long one may have to travel to reach this place, you will never feel lonely and bored here. Thailand has so much to offer that even the most discerning of the travelers visiting the Thai Kingdom is bound to enjoy their visit here. Among the many interesting themes, here is the list of top 5 reasons for visitors to go to Thailand.

  1. Your Bucks Last Long in Thailand!

Thailand is an affordable holiday destination. You will find a plethora of hotels and guesthouses that offer accommodation for less than $20 a night! The Thai food is pretty inexpensive and you will easily find street vendors who can present you the most delicious Thai meals for $1 or even less than that. Thailand also has a good number of the most luxurious hotels and resorts, which offer you all sorts of comforts but for significantly lesser than what you pay back at home.

You might have tasted Thai food at a restaurant near your place. But the authentic Thai food you get in Thailand tastes very different and much better than most of the world-class restaurants around your place. Every Thai food has a regional variation and as you travel across the country, you will notice a subtle change in the flavor and aroma. And each of these variations is unique to their place. The most interesting part here is that you need not spend a good fortune upon these delicacies; the most authentic of the Thai foods are available at affordable prices with street food vendors in Thailand.

Thailand has a good sunshine in most part of the year. The weather is generally pleasant and you can expect clear days most of the time. The beaches in Thailand are some of the best in the world. The warm and clear waters, marine life and stunning seascape offer an ideal setting for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling around. There is an astonishing variety of beaches ranging from the most serene to the wild partying beaches for all night!

Thailand is nicknamed as the “Land of Smiles.” Apart from a few incidences of tourist scams, the Thai people are generally kind and genuine. You’ll notice freshness and warmth in their welcoming smiles. The Thai people are calm and understanding, you’ll remember their hospitality and kind gestures for long. Different reasons are available with the people to get the car rental services from leiebilnord site. The understanding of the services is essential to select the right vehicle for traveling to different locations. The selection of the right method should be there to get the desired results in traveling to different places. 

  1. The Shopping and the Nightlife

Shopping in Thailand is very rewarding. You will find almost anything in big markets like the J.J Market in Bangkok. From the shoes to the artifacts, you will get to buy a wide range of items in these fanciest of the markets. Whether you are at a beach or a busy market place, you are never far away from Thailand’s amazing nightlife. As he day fades away, the discos, nightclubs and bars present you a different world to relish all along!

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