Top 5 Picks From The Best Sewing Machine Feet

When it comes to sewing machine feet, people often get confused. How to use them? Which ones of them to use and when? If you’re a beginner, these questions are sure to pose themselves. Generally, beginners have absolutely no idea about sewing machine feet let alone knowing which ones to use and which ones are the best.

Pretty much like the confusion people go through while figuring out the best sewing machine for denim, choosing the right feet can be a tricky affair. In order to make things easier for you, what follows is a list of top five sewing machine feet that are deemed to be the best ones by experts.

Five Picks From The Most-Preferred Sewing Machine Feet

  • Walking Foot

This sewing machine feet are known to be the jack of all trades. Although it is primarily used for quilting you can use this feet for various sewing projects and the results are sure to be satisfactory.

  • Zipper Foot For Sewing Clothes With Zips

This one is surely a must-have if you are sewing something that has zips. Different manufacturers of the zipper foot design them differently but they’re more often than not the perfect solution.

  • The Cording Foot

These are very useful if you love adding some cording to give your finished project the much-needed professional air.

  • The Teflon Foot

This one is for those who want their sewing projects to finish quickly. They’re sure to save you a lot of time and frustration and the results, as always with such quilts, are extremely satisfying.

  • Quilt Piecing Foot (1/4)

As the name suggests, this one is the perfect option to choose if your project involves any amount of quilting.

Make sure you go through the aforesaid option before making the decision on which sewing machine feet to buy.

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