Top 5 Adventure Sports In The World!

The top 5 adventure sports in the world today! The biggest adrenaline bursts, the most dangerous tests of will. Think you have what it takes? Or just want to see what the crazy buggers are up to!

  • Skydiving

That’s right, we open with skydiving. Skydiving just to get warmed up! Skydiving is a high-speed aerial plunge that exposes you to the very real risk of injury or death. It’s also a great thrill and the experience of a lifetime. Expect to pay about 200-250 dollars for your first tandem jump, and a little more than that to get ready for your first solo jump. Have fun jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

  • Street Luging

Street Luging comes in at the number four spot on the Top 5 Adventure Sports list. Street Luging is the art of riding a street luge board (or sled) down a steep paved road. In cases of “less legal” luging, this can also involve dodging the occasional traffic. The little sleds go fast, really fast, with the world street luge speed record set at almost 120 miles per hour!

  • Great White Shark Diving

Cage goes in the water. You go in the water. Sharks in the water. Your shark. This adventure is going to cost you some money, but really what price can you put on being locked in a cage and lowered into blood waters to confront a primordial fear? Oh primordial fears, you try so hard to keep us safe. But we never listen.

  • BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is a lot like skydiving, except you do it from fixed objects. Like cliffs. Or buildings. Basically it’s skydiving but you start a lot closer to the ground, which makes it a lot more dangerous. Slower fall speeds mean less control over your body, and even a small miscalculation can lead to a tumble with no time to correct your fall. Make no mistake – this is a high risk operation. BASE jumping is considered a fringe adventure sport even by the standards of the extreme sports community, and it comes in at the number two spot on the Top 5 Adventure Sports list.

  • Big Mountain Climbing

Big mountain climbing is as dangerous as it gets. You don’t get the adrenaline buzz you will from other adventure sports, but there is a sense of accomplishment here that no other adventure sport can match. Big mountain climbing is above all else a test of your will, courage, and determination. There is a good chance you will fail. There is a good chance you will die. But if you make it the experience will be with you for the rest of your life. There is an old saying. “You go up as one man, you come down another.”

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