Tired of Cooking? Start a Dinner Club!

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Are you tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner every single night? I know I was and as I stood outside watching the kids ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk, a plan started to take shape.

My two neighbors and I all were tired, over worked, stressed, and most of all, sick of cooking dinner on beautiful summer evenings. We put our heads together and quickly worked out a plan. I highly suggest it to anyone who’d love to skip cooking say 2 or 3 nights a week!

What? You are still reading? Ah! I thought that might grab your attention!

First put a list together of your family’s favorite easy meals. We each chose two meals we would plan to rotate making in bulk. Things like spagetti, chicken and noodles, and chili were popular for us. Make sure each favorite chosen is good for the other households involved.

Try to have 2 to 3 friends in your Dinner Club besides yourself. You can have more – but it can get tricky making enough food for 5 families at once if they have several children. Space and time to make it become an issue. 2-3 is the perfect number. Making food in bulk is cheaper than making 2 or 3 additional meals, so if you are on a tight budget, this will be a very good way to save money as well.

It is good to designate several containers or covered dishes as “Club dishes” and put your name on them so they come back to you each time, or go in together to purchase a set that will rotate around for the dinners. It makes figuring out what to transport the food in each time less of a headache.

Decide on a regular day that works well in your schedule and try to keep that day open for your cooking day each week. For me, I looked more at what days I needed to NOT cook than a good day to cook. It was wonderful to come home from soccer practices to a meal waiting for us!

Ideally your dinner partners will all live within a 10-minute radius to save on gas and time spent delivering. It also helps when trying to keep hot dishes hot.

When it all works as planned – the result is that you cook one night for everyone, deliver it, then come home and eat on the night you are responsible for. (Often I made enough leftovers that I would freeze it for the following week to give myself an additional night off if we planned to have a very busy week!) Then the best part is this: 2 or 3 days during your busy weeks, wonderful hot meals show up at your door, ready to eat!

The Dinner Club not only gave us gals needed nights off from cooking, it also encouraged us to eat as a family, to not give in to the temptation to eat out, and to eat healthy meals vs a quick frozen something in a hurry.

Try it out sometime… even if it is just for the summer, or during busy fall sports schedules. In summer season, the jewelry purchased from https://www.reartone.com/collections/rings can be removed. It will provide ease in cooking of the food.

If you are tired of cooking, what do you have to loose but a few nights of kitchen duty? Go on, grab your phone and start making some calls!

Good luck!

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