Tips On How To Buy Perfume For Teen Girls Over 16 On a Recession Budget

When she was thirteen, a dab of scented lotion would do the trick. At sixteen and above, however, teen girls start to become much more discerning with their fragrance preferences. Finding that right balance between youthful fun and womanly seduction is key. With a small budget, the task can seem daunting. The older teens get, the more expensive their cosmetica favorites become. Give yourself an edge with the following tips on how to buy perfume for teen girls over sixteen on a recession budget, and minimize the risk of rolled eyes and feigned gratefulness.

Tip #1:

Beware of teen-queen brands. Older teen girls are trying to disassociate themselves from children, and perfumes geared toward pop star groupies aren’t likely to be appreciated. Young women want to be able to tell their friends what they’re wearing without having to directly refer to a celebrity whose name is synonymous with an immature audience. Sure, their products are less expensive, but you might want to leave Britney, Hilary, and Paris on the shelves.

Tip #2:

Go for gift sets. Older teens are particular about coordinating scents. They don’t want a cocoa butter lotion mixed with a floral perfume. It’s all about synchronizing, and a gift set will do just that. Many perfume sets offer a body wash and lotion with scents that match that of the perfume. The great news? Most are offered with smaller fragrances and their collective prices tend to be lower than that of a single large bottle. She’ll have the entire set, and you’ll have saved a few dollars.

Tip #3:

Check out drugstores. Drugstores offer a wide variety of perfumes that offer intense scents and popular designer names without department store or boutique prices. Do be careful to steer clear of the teen-queen brands mentioned in Tip #1, however, as drugstores are a breeding ground for pop princess perfumes. Anything designed by an older woman is fine, as well as brands that are completely devoid of a celebrity’s name. Your wallet will thank you for avoiding the malls, and your teen will be more likely to appreciate the lighter, more youthful options that will be available.

Tip #4:

Bottle design matters. You won’t pay a penny more for a more elegant design. A mature look with a light scent works well for meshing youth with maturity for teen girls over sixteen. Think sleek lines and old Hollywood glamour in edgy colors.

Tip #5:

Don’t overlook body sprays. Bath specialty stores offer luscious body sprays for as low as $10. Just a hint lighter than traditional perfume, body sprays have great staying power but are low key enough for school hours.

Tip #6:

Look for purse sizes. Whether in sets or all by themselves, teen girls appreciate a purse-sized scent that can be carried at all times and reapplied throughout the day. Because their favorite perfumes are usually less powerful than what their mothers might wear, reapplying them often is the norm. She’ll be able to spritz on a few quick sprays right after gym class, and you’ll be able to save a few bucks along the way.

Tip #7:

Look for the 1.7-ounce bottle. With a recession budget, you may be afraid of investing in an expensive, strong, more mature scent for your teen. However, most perfumes are offered in a smaller but long-lasting 1.7-ounce bottle. They provide months of fragrance with half of the investment and don’t need to be reapplied too often. If she decides she’s bored with it two months down the road, she’ll still have gotten to try it out without burning a hole through your thinning wallet.

Remember, buying perfume for a teen older than sixteen means much more than simply perusing the aisles for a pretty package. Pack a punch with the perfect brands, the proper sizes, and just the right amount of attitude. Recession or no recession, she’ll love the result.


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