Three Best Apps To Turn Your Steps Into Rewards

With the advancement in the lives of people, lifestyle diseases are also taking a toll. We can see coronary, asthma, and obesity patients suffering now and then. Exercise is the only solution to all health issues, whether due to a poor lifestyle, malnutrition, or nutritional deficiencies. Exercise not only saves one from diseases but also keeps fit and attractive. But exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you are approaching old age or are too obese or weak to initiate exercise at once. So walking can be a good head start for working out. Just as people say, before you run, you must first learn to walk. 

How to keep track of steps?

Now that you have decided to add walking to your daily chores, it is necessary to check your progress from time to time. One must count their steps daily to make walking a habit and keep track of ups and downs. Now one need not do that manually as there are numerous apps for walking that measure your step count, changes in calories, and some even suggest a perfect diet. Let us have a look at some pedometer apps to turn counting steps into rewards.

  •  Google Fit:

it is a free application that works on android devices and smartwatches. The best part about it is that one can sync it with other fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal.

  •  Leap Fitness Step Counter:

it counts the steps through sensory devices and provides the report through graphs. It has exciting themes and allows the backing up of data to drive.

  • MyFitnessPal:

it not only counts steps but also keeps track of calories and water intake. Thus, maintaining overall fitness.

These three apps for walking are among the best options available. You can use any one of these and initiate your fitness routines. Usually, these apps are free and require subscriptions only for pro features.

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