Things Your Golf Fitness Routine Must Have

Golf was once considered as the game which doesn’t require any kind of physical fitness. Even professional 먹튀검증사이트 players never thought much about being physically fit and that it could actually benefit their games. Actually in the beginning people thought that lifting the weight and working out rigorously can badly affect one’s ability to golf swing. As always this ridiculous theory went on to sustain for a long time until it was genuinely proved that being fit not only doesn’t affect your ability to golf swing but it actually benefits your game.

After the whole misconception changed, each and every golf player now has a fitness regimen. Even those players who intentionally don’t have one, know that they are avoiding a very important part of their gaming preparations which can cost them dearly. Even 40 years ago people were struggling with the idea of being fit in their training but now you can find a fitness trainer at every PGA tour. Today golfers even look like athletes and they can play any sport today if they want. The basic things that you must include in the fitness routine are:

  • Cardio training

Cardio is very important as it helps you to maintain your endurance and keeps you fresh even if you have had a long day. Walking more or less 18 holes is really effective for your heart.

  • Stretching

Golf is just another game like basketball or others. In every game you are taught to stretch first because being flexible with your body gives you a big advantage in the game. A driving range is one of the best places for stretching.

  • Weight lifting

After breaking the stereotype, people understood that weight lifting is actually good for your golf. The aim should be to develop toned and lean muscles. So more repetitions!

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