The Social Media Mindset

We’re going to show you the path to mastering social media.

With a dizzying array of platforms and increasing pressure to master social media, our clients find themselves facing an uphill struggle to find their voice, keep on message, find or create good content and do it all in a sustained way. Our belief is that social media will continue to evolve, but there are foundational aspects, which once mastered mean that no matter what the internet throws at you, that you will be able to evolve in pace with it. What we are offering is no less than the social media mindset you need today and tomorrow. It is essential to develop the right mindset before starting the journey. It will save time and money. However, we have found that clients who are totally new to social media can master this stage much more easily as they have less to unlearn, no old habits to change.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 interrelated aspects that set the foundation upon which you can build your social media strategy:

  • Social media mirrors the real world; it does not replace it.
  • Do not sell directly , however, do sell lifestyle.
  • You are not alone.

This will help you to understand the power of social media and how it can be used to your advantage instead of wasting time on websites like in a futile attempt to get subscribers on YouTube and other platforms so let’s take a look at the following points.

  1. Social media is too often used as a soap box where people proclaim their opinions to the world. Unless you are already famous (see no 3) you will not find a ready audience. You need to offer added value. It is not the case, that ‘build it and they will come’. You have to focus on your identity, your brand values and offer something more.
  2. Social media is social so engage in the conversation. Comment, share, like, follow. Even a mistake on your part is a fabulous opportunity to build relationships. Keep talking.
  3. If you’re famous in the real world, you will be famous on social media. That’s just the way it is. Yes, some people have become famous the other way round like ‘Sh** My Dad Says’ on Twitter, but it is so rare that you can forget about it. Social media does not substitute reality. Photos of food are lovely, they are, but they don’t replace the need to eat.
  4. The Golden Rule. Do undo others as you want them to do to you. Too many clients just talk, talk, talk, but don’t listen, listen, listen. Yes, it may be harder, but that’s what will build relationships.
  5. You never sell directly on Social Media. Yes, there are some people who say you can. We’re not amongst them. Where does a sale take place? On a web site, on the phone, face-to-face, but not on Social Media. What you do sell, if you sell anything is lifestyle. Take a look at Nike – you’ll never see a price tag on their Nike Facebook Page. Never. They are weaving the stories of their citizen-consumers into the narrative of their product. In fact, the new stories told by the citizen-consumer sells Nike sneakers.

  6. Connected with 5 is that Social Media acts as a funnel, drawing readers elsewhere. However, there is a proviso here. Social Media users tend to prefer one platform, but when they use more than one the audience is markedly different e.g. friends and family for Facebook, business colleages on LinkedIn. Most social media users only use one platform.
  7. Organisations often hand the delivery of social media to a single individual. This is tantamount to a dereliction of duty; sharing the story of an organisation is everyone’s role. That said, those who are given this task need to understand that they aren’t alone. Amazing tools exist to create, schedule, analyse and moreover, they are not alone. The skills required to master social media are complex and wide-ranging and in our experience, it is a rare occurrence for a single individual to have a flair for visual creativity, story and copywriting. So, build your team and share the load.

These 7 steps are closely interrelated. The core message is that social media is social and it adds to the real world. Yes, it is almost a level playing field and advertising your wares is much cheaper than traditional advertising, but it is not a walk in the park, by any stretch of the imagination. However, once the mindset is in place, you are ready for the next stage; finding out who you are.

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