The Most Cursed Car Accessories

If you’re a new car owner, it can be quite exciting to start buying some car accessories. We need to warn you, however, that not all car accessories are good. As a matter of fact, in this article, we decided to list down some of the car accessories that are considered to be cursed and shouldn’t be bought.

Handpresso 12V Espresso Machine

Don’t get me wrong. The machine definitely sounds interesting. Who wouldn’t want to have their espresso ready in the car? But it really isn’t something that is feasible to have. For one thing, when you are driving, you are always concentrated on the road and on the steering wheel. With that, you never know, when you are going to spill the coffee. At the very least, you could spill hot coffee to someone or even yourself. The worst-case scenario is that the coffee is spilled on the car equipment in which case your car could be damaged.


We have no idea why people even thought of the idea of inventing this car accessory. It serves no real purpose and it doesn’t even provide additional aesthetic appeal on the part of your car. It merely makes you the laughing stock on the road for having a car that looks like the one on the animated movie. 

12V 60W Electric Scratch Repair Car Polisher

Sure, it seems pretty useful. Who wouldn’t want to have the ability to clean their car? It surely will save you a lot of bucks going to the car wash service. But just look at it! It’s so tiny. It may be useful for cleaning a certain part of the car. Maybe if you want to get into some detailed portion of your car then this device would certainly provide of value. But if you really are going to use this thing to clean your entire car, I don’t think so. I mean, you can but by the time, the entire car is clean, you would have gone insane already. I’ll tell you what. Just don’t settle for car accessories. Why don’t you settle for home accessories instead? If that’s something that sparks your interest, you better go check out

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