The Helghan Invasion- Guidance for playing of the game

Another first-person shooter, great. The past few months has spawned a titan of the gaming world as well as a newcomer. Call of Duty: Black Ops and Bulletstorm offers gamers two very different shooters with creative worlds and gameplay. But another veteran has stepped back into the ring: Killzone 3.

The developers at Guerilla stunned the world when Killzone first jumped on to the Playstation 2. I still remember playing it and feeling how close the controls felt to what I was seeing on the screen. Killzone and Killzone 2 were pioneers in giving first-person shooter gamers the new challenge of carrying the weight of all your equipment and firearms while trying to run, aim, and shoot. This gave way to noticing the high quality of the game. It is by far one of the best shooters I’ve seen on the Playstation 3, and if I had a 3D television I’m sure the immersion of the game would have been complete.

The visuals were a welcome change from the previous iterations of the game which took place only on a generic battlefield. A building here, a scaffold there, and a straight corridor with boxes for cover is a far too common sight. The level that stuck out most was braving through the Helghan jungle. It was like looking at a painting that involved so many colors, it was difficult discerning one object from another. However, this didn’t detract from the gameplay. Most of the level was a stealth mission and it rewarded you for patience and seeing ways to kill multiple enemies in creative ways.

Which leads me to the gameplay. Much like Killzone 2 the aiming is entirely focused on your level of skill with joysticks. But what’s a first-person shooter in 2011 without a little bit of spice? The mechanized exoskeleton was a good change in pace as well as using a jetpack in a later level. All of this is good to keep me on my toes, but they were entirely too short and involved a steep learning curve after the first thirty seconds of using a new weapon. The real innovation I didn’t expect was being revived by your partner Sergeant Rico. I think being able to be actively revived is a mechanic many other shooters should look into including. Direction was not a strong point of the game, I found myself at certain points wondering what to do. The game constantly reminded me to look at my objective list which only gave me a final goal and nothing leading up to it. I enjoyed the realism of not knowing where my enemies were coming from, but it became frustrating when the cover system was nearly pointless. You run in, get hit with a few rounds until you’re almost dead, then a grenade is lobbed at you forcing you to run, and in the ensuing shots, you are shot down. Overall, the core shooter was satisfying. The Helghast soldiers did not die with just one headshot or two well-placed hits. They embodied their back story by being able to shrug off as many hits as you do. The excessive amounts of blood provided moments of delight even when the enemy didn’t fall.

Speaking of the back story, the Helghast Council delivered an excellent performance during the game. Instead of the Helghast being an evil culture with a dictator bent on Earth’s fall, the chancellors’ struggle for power gave the Helghast a reason to fight. The storyline wasn’t amazing, but a far pitch from the previous Killzone games. With graphics and gameplay at such high quality, I forgave Guerilla for the shallow plot.

Killzone 3 is without a doubt a large improvement from the previous games. Guerilla answered the call to popular demand in gameplay mechanics, and incorporated it into their own style. This resulted in a few hiccups in a clear direction if the game was played by a person familiar with first-person shooters, but not considered a hardcore player. If you want a shooter that brings out the best of the Playstation 3, then I recommend getting Killzone 3. It provides a challenge as well as a different feel to current first-person shooters, and if you don’t feel that you got enough out of your Playstation Move then I highly recommend trying this out.

This was played on Normal mode with a DualShock 3 controller. The gamers should work on the ranking in playing the game. A visit at the can be made for boosting the ranking of the players.

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