Tall Women’s Dating Dilemma

If you’re a short man who can’t get dates, or a tall women thinking about that short man, read this. I wonder how many short men who can’t get dates limit themselves to even shorter women for fear that a woman even two inches taller would blow them off. If you’re a short man struggling with this problem, ever consider that some very tall women might be drawn to only very short men – to even out the height genes? A 6-foot-tall woman knows if she has daughters with a 6-3 man, odds are high those daughters will be super tall, and maybe this tall woman doesn’t want super tall daughters. Thus, she chooses only short men, to lower these super tall odds.

That’s where you, the short man, comes in. If you’re, say, 5-4, and you’ve been seeking out women 5 feet to 5-3, consider this: Women this short may be seeking out only tall men, to feel “protected!” So if the short man is puzzled over why shorter women aren’t interested in him, maybe it’s because short women want tall men for their “protection”! The desire for a tall man is common among women of all heights, and may be rooted in evolution, but in other cases, is connected to other variables.

On the other hand, many women don’t even consider how well a man can fight, when dating men. This is why scrawny men can get dates; or fat men who get winded easily, can get dates. Men who are bookworms and computer geeks get dates. Physically handicapped men get dates. These categories of men do not exude the ability to protect and fight, yet they DO get women.

So you see, the requirement to feel protected isn’t necessarily universal amongst women.

Otherwise, only tough guys would get dates. Nevertheless, a good explanation for why a short man, who has charm, wit and self-confidence, has no luck getting women may be because he’s been approaching women who are fixated on the protection factor.

A short man might want to try his luck on the most self-confident women he can find, including very tall ones who may be specifically seeking out short men who can pass on “short genes” rather than “tall genes.”

I also recommend that short men take up weight lifting. There are quite a few short, but chiseled men I see at the health clubs I work out at. They wear tank tops and have beautiful symmetry and musculature. Nobody’s going to look at them and think, “What a puny little guy. I bet he has trouble getting dates.” When a short man has a sculpted, strong physique, you quickly forget he’s a short guy.

It is the best alternative for a short statured guy to win a tall girl over because if he really wants her, then he needs to take drastic measures to achieve his goal and this is nothing too difficult except in the initial stages. Also, they will need to understand that this may be the only chance they can get as woman, irrespective of their own stature, look up for a man who has lots of charm and charisma, height notwithstanding, and no okcupid dating app can help him in this regard.

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