Spending Valentine’s Day at Home? Romantic Ideas to Make the Most of It

Sometimes it’s just better to spend Valentine’s Day at home. Some of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories are from when my husband surprised me at home. Being comfortable and relaxed at home made it easier for us to enjoy it more. No crowds, no traffic, just us – and I loved every minute.

Here are some great ideas to try for your sweetie:

Set the mood. If you have children, make sure you have a sitter. You want no distractions. Make sure the house is clean. It’s hard to relax with a bunch of laundry and clutter hanging around. Then, dim the lights and light some soothing, scented candles. Turn on some soft music, just for ambiance.

Make a romantic dinner. Or, if you don’t like to cook, or just don’t want to clean up the mess, the order in from your favorite restaurant. Make sure you use your best dishes and silverware. Oh, and be sure to turn off the TV

Play dress up. Just as if you were going out for a Valentine’s Day, get dressed up. Not lingerie yet, save that for later. Ladies, wear a sexy dress, jewelry, and heels, and do your hair and makeup. Guys, a suit is always sexy, but not a suit you’d wear to a funeral. Show your lady how important she is by looking at your best for her. A clean shave and some nice aftershave or cologne and you’ve got the start of one hot night.

Fancy stuff not your style? Dress down a little if you want, but not in your Spongebob pj’s. The idea is to make this a special occasion, not just another night at home.

Try a massage. Giving each other a good massage is a great way to set the pace for the evening, and get you both feeling good.

Give the right gift. Don’t get me wrong, flowers and chocolate are always nice, but I think they are appreciated more when they are given on a day other than Valentine’s. You know your guy or girl best, so if you know it’s just not Valentine’s without them, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, get creative.

Be sincere. Remember, Valentine’s day is about love, not sex. Sex can be a big part of today (if you play your cards right), but this is not the main objective. You can have 364 other days to obsess about that if you want, but not today.

Have dessert in bed. Now is the time for your lingerie. Have some fancy cheesecake, ice cream, chocolates – whatever you both like, and really take the time to enjoy it. Savor it with a little pillow talk, and see where the night takes you.

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