Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Malfunctions

Most of the problems in your appliances at home occur due to the fact your improper use of the said appliance. Every appliance comes with a manual which contains a do’s and don’ts section which will clearly explain the ways in which a particular appliance to be used by the individual. However, there may be times when the user makes a mistake. 

One of the most temperamental appliances that are kept in the home is the refrigerator. What are the top 5 mistakes that you should avoid to avoid refrigerator repair?

  • Cooling leaks

This is especially felt in homes with children. Kids, in their hurry, sometimes miss out on closing the refrigerator door properly. This prevents the cooling plug from clicking. When this happens, the motor of the refrigerator works on overtime. This means that the motor will heat up soon and the refrigerator will crash soon. 

  • Keep the unit in a cool place

Make sure that the place you have kept your refrigerator unit is a cool and dry place. External heat around the appliance will cause internal damage of the appliance which can make the motor inside it malfunction and ultimately stop working altogether.

  • It needs a break!

Believe it or not, but a refrigerator needs its break as well. Probably once in a month or once in two months clean out the fridge and switch it off. This will ensure better working as the rest will improve the motor’s ability to work. If possible, reduce the number of times you open the door of the refrigerator as well. 

  • Refrigerator friendly containers

There are certain containers that cool better and faster than others. So, in this regard, choose your container well. Make sure you choose a container that requires lesser time to cool.

  • Hot food kept inside

If you keep very hot food inside the refrigerator without bringing it to room temperature, it will lead overworking of the motors and thermostat inside. This will create problems for you.


Take care of your appliance well and enjoy those ice creams!

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