Puppy Potty Training Facts And Guide

If you have ever been through the process of toilet training a toddler, you may have some inkling of what puppy potty training is about. Just like a small child, a small dog will require plenty of patience, praise and consistency if he is going to effectively learn what is expected of him. The truth is that puppies are eager to please, sometimes even more eager than that strong-willed toddler you are raising! So take heart – puppy potty training may seem like a big challenge to overcome, but it is far from impossible. When to Begin Puppy Potty Training

This aspect is extremely important as puppies have to be potty trained at the right time without any delay as that would not only be good for them but for the entire house as well. Looking for a Shiba Inu Puppy? If so, then it needs to be informed that they are perhaps the most difficult to get potty trained as they are quite naughty in nature aside from being aggressive when provoked, which is when they start throwing tantrums. 

The time to begin your teaching your pup what is expected of him in the bathroom department is the day that you bring him home from the breeder or shelter. It is never too soon to begin gently instructing your dog as to where he is supposed to go to the bathroom, and where he is not allowed to go. You can do this by a couple of different methods, depending on what is easiest for you and what works for your dog as far as puppy potty training goes. Paper training involves teaching your pup to go to the bathroom indoors on papers or a training pad that you put down for him. Crate training means that you will use a crate or kennel to confine your dog for sleeping times and occasions when you cannot watch him. Another method of puppy potty training is to keep your dog close to you throughout the day, so that you can put him outside at the first indication that he needs to go to the bathroom. Any of these methods can be quite successful, depending on how much time you have to invest, and what your pup responds to best. Basic Puppy Potty Training 

No matter which method you choose to employ, the basics of puppy potty training will remain the same. Never punish or hit your dog for going to the bathroom in the house. If you are fortunate enough to catch your pup in the act, simply give him a firm €œno and immediately take him outside to his potty spot. When your pup does what is expected of him, make sure that you praise him with a “good dog!€ Take your puppy outdoors frequently; after every meal, every nap, every playtime and before and after you put him in his crate. Consistency and patience, mixed with plenty of positive reinforcement will ensure that any mode of puppy potty training that you choose will result in success. However, I cant guarantee that you will see the same positive results in that strong-willed toddler! Happy training.

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