Pros and Cons of Joining a Social Networking Site

Do you tweet? Do you have a profile on Myspace, Facebook or MyYearbook? Do you have tons of followers and friends that you actually have never laid eyes on or wouldn’t recognize by voice? Do you think only scam artists or losers hang out on social networking? Have you actually stopped and consider the real pros and cons of using and being a part of the social networking craze?

Face it, they can blast Facebook on the evening news all they want and at least for the time being this site is not going anywhere. They have tons of fans and for these people they are going to keep posting their daily or hourly status updates and enjoying their dozens or hundreds of friends. All the pros and cons should be available with the person about profile viewer instagram. Some essential things can be considered through the person to use the services of the private account. The posting of the content will be great at the social networking sites. The status of the account will be good at the site. 


Social sites are just plain fun. That is the main reason for their popularity. It gives people a place to hang out and say what they want to say. They can vent to their hearts content and this makes them feel good. They can also bond with others.

Are the sites dangerous?

Maybe. All good things in life can be dangerous, if you go about them in the wrong way. First, all intelligent internet users know that they should set their privacy levels to private and only become friends with people they know or want to know. They should not become friends with everyone who wants to befriend them. This means you really do not need a hundred or a thousand followers. You should be choosy who you should befriend.

If you are a parent, you should always monitor your children to some degree while they are using the internet. You should talk to them about social sites and the dangers they can play. You should also make sure you are added as one of their friends so you can monitor their pages, you should also make sure their privacy levels are set correctly and that you can passwords to all their accounts.

That being said, the majority of socializing on social sites is safe.

What are some of the pros of being a social network socialite?

  • It is a good way to network yourself, your business, or your art. This can work for service people, artists (writers, singers, etc) and just normal business people.
  • It is a great way to make friends from far away places and even from your own home town.
  • It is a great way to connect with others in your own field. You can learn more about your industry this way and exchange tips and ideas.
  • It is a great way to share a common passion or hobby.
  • It allows you a place to vent when you have a problem
  • They are great places to learn about new games and new tech advances
  • They are great places to pass away the time when you are bored
  • They are a great way for an extended family who lives in separate areas to stay in touch

Yet, like was said before, all good things come with dangers or whether cons.

Here are some cons of social sites:

  • They are addicting.
  • They make take up too much of your time
  • They may keep you from spending time with real people
  • If you say the wrong thing while venting, the words can come back and haunt you
  • Anything you post, may come back to haunt you, including photos

Is social networking for you? To answer that question, decide why you want to join such a site. Then decide if your answer is a good one.

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