Pokémon Go, a new experiential way of coping

Online gaming has been a simple solution ever since the beginning of the pandemic with preventive measures such as lockdown, social distancing, relaxation with more rules and regulations. We find that as a result, people are presently still being mentally affected due to the lack of social interaction, anxiety, and more other problems related to mental health. 

But as a way of coping, technology does provide us with that opportunity to recover or cope with this situation. Online gaming was one of the numerous methods for those weekend catching up with family and friends.

 Any gaming venture becomes all about the experience of the game, players apart from the memories that we make. Several games or websites have observed an increase in regards to new users or gaming activity since the pandemic, either online gaming website or an app. 

One such game that provided the users with optimum satisfaction of experiential playing was Pokémon Go. This game still provides a real adventure experience of catching a Pokémon with relation to the players’ real location or their actual location in reality.

Upgrade your Pokémon collection.

As children, we have all come across the Pokémon series of Ash’s adventures in finding different Pokémons and how he trains them to contest against other Pokémons in tournaments. 

Pokémon Go initially started with only 150 different types of Pokémon, and now has expanded to having about 600 various others. Therefore, new players would require information on how to play the game, how one can collect more Pokémons, how one can upgrade their Pokémon Go account as well. https://www.pokemongoaccshop.com/ provides adequate information about the vast collection of Pokémons currently available now in the game. It also gives a few tips on how one can upgrade their Pokémon Go account as well.

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