Pokemon Black Version

Pokemon Black and White: Success or failure?

I was definitely hesitant when it came to this game. I was like many who feared that the makers of the game had completely run out of ideas. While I do feel that a few pokemon may be a little uninspired (Ex: Trubbish, based on a bag of garbage) overall I was pleasantly surprised. There were some very interesting type combinations in the new pokemon as well as other aspects of the game that I found very original. Typically the Team ‘Æ'” ‘”‘¹ — “Evil’ aka Plasma in this version did not have a mission that was clearly evil. It raised the legitimate question of whether pokemon want to be with trainers. They believe not. Of course they aren’t, as is the nature of the game. The ending of the game, for once, is like a great movie, its climax is there, and there is a twist. There has never been a plot as good as the one on Black and White. I cannot say enough how amazing the plot is in this game. Your character has friends who travel with you, and your rival is not one of them, but instead someone else entirely (I won’t ruin the plot for you).

The graphics in this game took a huge leap from previous games, including many 3d scenes. Be prepared to run across many bridges in this game. The graphics on said bridges are wonderful, but there will be many of them. Also the cities frequently are of the same idea as far as the graphics go.Pokemon come in many different types, some of which are strong when attacking than others. You can visit https://pickrandom.com/random-animals-generator/ to know about the pokemon that you can find in the game. It is really easy and fun tool that you use to share and learn about pokemons.

The gyms are more interesting, as far as their puzzles, and the gym leaders give a much more interesting fight. The challenge really comes from the fact that there are fewer trainers between gyms with which to strengthen your pokemon. The elite four have amazing graphics and interesting type choices. Victory Road is not as challenging to navigate, but the pokemon within it are very challenging as well as the trainers. It is an excellent training ground for trying to prepare for the pokemon league.

Also really creative are the introduction of season cycles seen in this game as well as the rotation and triple battles that were also introduced in this generation. All I can say. WOW

The map of the game is a little annoying at times, as well as well as boring, as it is pretty much a circle, but the landscape within that circle is really interesting. And there are none of the pokemon from the previous game mixed in with the current pokemon.

Overall, I think this is the best pokemon game yet, but do be prepared for some of the more — bland pokemon, like ice cream cone looking Vanilite, or Garbador, who favors a garbage dump.

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