Pick the right Size of Tent for an Optimal Outdoor Use

There are different type of tents today, and each comes with fancy features and style. Tent with screen porch are even available for additional function. Specific materials also add some properties to certain tents, such as waterproof and lightweight.

But regardless of the tent you’d pick, size always matter. Buying the right size means a tent would serve its basic function well. And that’s important when you’re outdoors.

Why Size is Important for any Tent?

A tent with the right size means it can accommodate people or things it’s intended to carry. Basically, there are 2, 3 or 4-persons camping tents. Bringing a tent marked 3, for example, means it can cater three people in sleeping position. |And they can all fit comfortably with some space allowance inside.

So, when you’re planning which tent to bring or buy, think of how many people you’re intending for it to cater. Say, you’ll be camping in a group of five people. One tent which can accommodate two persons and another which can carry three would do. If you’re still buying tents, choosing two tents which can cater four people is impractical. Note that bigger tents are more expensive too.

Then, you can think of its usage. If you’re planning to enjoy more the outdoors, a tent with screen porch is a good idea. Some tents also come with canvas divider if you want better privacy when sleeping. And if you’re planning to make a utility tent, such as in an outdoor event or party, a large canvas tent is the best choice.

That’s when you must think of the materials composing a tent. Choose those which are made up of durable and lightweight materials. That means easy to carry while hiking, but would keep you safe and comfortable when resting inside.

So, remember, size is an important factor in picking a tent to bring on a camping trip. Buy the right one that would serve your purpose.

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