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The Football (Soccer) Remote Control – Use It As A Remote And Kick It Like A Soccer Ball

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in sports. My love for sports has led to me purchasing a lot different sports related products. Two of my favorite sports include basketball in soccer. I constantly see advancements in the basketball design and never any advancements when it comes to the soccer ball. I frequently visit the dedicated store,this is American soccer around the block to explore new soccer merchandise. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to find something called the Football (soccer) Remote Control. The concept was incredibly interesting to me and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I decided to purchase one and it took way too long to receive it, but the wait was well worth it. Here is my quick review of the Football Remote Control made by the Shift company.

Soccer is not considered one of the most popular sports in the United States. The truth is that soccer is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. This popularity has resulted in companies always trying to make soccer related gear. The Football Remote Control is a unique product that allows you to play with it and use it to control the electronics in your home. Shift has created a product that contains light electronic equipment that allows it to be used for more than one thing. The first thing you can use the Football Remote Control for is actually playing a game of soccer. You can then also use the soccer ball remote for handling your TV, DVD, and satellite controls.

My Football Remote Control is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself. The soccer ball meets regulation size standards and is cool to handle. A close glimpse at the ball shows you numbers and other control options. All you have to do is press the giant button that has the number or option on it and you will get the option that you want. Simply put, type the number seven and get the number seven. If you want to switch between television and DVD mode, press the DVD button to set everything up. What I was wondering was how well the remote would last when I spent half of the day kicking it around the house. I was surprised to find out that the manufacturer created a product that was very sturdy and reliable. The soccer ball has gone through a whole bunch of damage and is still working as if it was brand new.

The Football Remote Control is not that expensive either. You can purchase one of the remote control soccer balls for the low price of $41. Anyone who has purchased a high quality basketball or soccer ball has to understand that this is a pretty decent price considering that you also get a remote control as well. You will quickly find out that using the soccer ball remote is a lot of fun. This is because it is defiantly weird to handle. Using the soccer ball remote offers you a fun activity to change the channels with. You will no longer feel bored as if you are being useless while using the remote control. Shift has created a top of the line product that is worth the investment. I believe this because I happen to own one of the devices and have yet to get sick of it. If you like the sport of soccer and want to change the way you watch and control television, try out the Football Remote Control and start making television watching a new sports activity that you love.

Orlistat: Is it effective for weight loss?

Obesity or overweight is one of the global health problems that our society is facing today. Younger people especially the adolescents commonly experience this health condition. That is why medical experts are working really hard to formulate medicine or drug that can help them fight obesity. Recently, a study proved that Orlistat is an effective drug that can help teenagers who are suffering from obesity or overweight. Orlistat works by interfering with the process on how fat is digested and absorbed into our body. There is also a general guideline on how and when doctors can only prescribe Orlistat.

Orlistat: Definition

Basically, orlistat is a drug or medicine, which can help people to lose weight if they are obese or overweight. This medicine functions by blocking enzymes in your gut, which digest fat. About one third of the fat that you eat is being blocked by this medicine. Normally, 120 mg is the dose in one capsule and it can be taken 3 times every day after a taking a meal. Relatively, there are also other medicines that have been formulated and prescribed that help in reducing fat which are rimonabant and sibutramine. But because of their concerns on safety, these two medicine are no longer available.

Orlistat: Is it Effective?

Now, with the high recommendation of Orlistat, people start to ask if this medicine is really effective. But according to studies, orlistat together with exercise and reducing diet, can cause more weight loss compared to weight reducing diest and exercise without taking orlistat. People who have already tried taking this medicine have proved this. Most of them are able to lose 10% or more of their body weight within 6 months with the help of this medicine. With this, it has to be proven that Orlistat is very effective for weight loss.

5 Status Posts That Annoy Your Facebook Friends And Followers Too!

Guess what? If you commit any of the following offenses online, your friends and acquaintances are probably fed up. A good portion of them have probably already placed you on their “hidden” list so that your ramblings don’t show up in their feeds any longer. The other portion of them roll their eyes and mutter under their breath every time they read your missives. It is now time to stop doing the following types of posting:

  1. Stay away from vague, attention seeking posts also known as “Vaguebooking”. If you aren’t already familiar with these, they are the ultimate eye-roller posts, and they read something like this: “So Sad….so let down…” . Yes, your friends and acquaintances know that you are simply looking for them to respond with an inquiry: “What’s wrong?” Eventually, everyone will stop asking and start ignoring. Finally, when you’ve pulled this stunt one too many times, they will simply hide all of your future posts from their newsfeeds in order to avoid the drama-queen or king.
  2. Stop posting obscure music lyrics without explanation or giving credit to the artist. This practice is the cousin of vaguebooking, and is almost as bothersome. It is important to understand that your Great Aunt Sandy has no idea what you are talking about, and those that do know, think you are trying to be oh-so-clever to post your emotions in a song lyric, and they all find it ridiculous. If you like a song, posts a link to the video, or posts all of the lyrics.
  3. Continuous bragging about your romance or job or complaining about your romance or job. Trust us on this one, no one wants to see the photo of the bouquet you received at work, when yesterday you did nothing but complain about your significant other openly on Facebook, instagram to all of your connections and get free instagram followers now, the occasional remark about your relationship is nice, but we don’t need to know every up and every down.

This goes for work, too! When you post all that is wrong with your workplace, your friends, acquaintances and coworkers shake their heads and think “not again…it’s not that bright to complain about your job, you are going to get fired!” Trust us, they don’t sympathize.

  1. Cringe-worthy postings including gory medical photos of your broken foot, any post involving your sex life or risque photos, and jokes in poor taste. Do we need to explain these? Again, let’s think of your Great Aunt Sandy. You friended her for some reason, if you now regret it, please use the “list” feature and use it to exclude her and certain readers from seeing the F-bombs and sexual comments. Yes, you are being judged by everything you post.
  2. Constant political rantings. Plain and simple. Right or left, blue or red, constantly posting political rants are a surefire way to get yourself booted from your reader’s newsfeeds. Just don’t do it.

The bottom line is that you have every right to post whatever you want in your Facebook and other social media status updates. It is important to remember that it is also the right of your readers to block you, unfriend you, or more commonly, simply and quickly hide your posts forever. Moderation is key here. Happy posting!

Could You Be Putting Your Life In Danger Because Of Vape?

Vaping had everyone’s hopes high when it was first introduced to the consumers earlier this decade. However, after a few years, it cannot be denied that there are already have been numerous cases of serious problems such as illnesses, and even death, due to the smoking of vape.

One of the issues that involves vaping is the unreliability of most of the juices that are available in the market.

In 2019, United States Army warned people about the possible negative causes of smoking vaping, most especially because many of the vape oils that are used include CBD. Although some say that cbd pods for juul are completely safe, there are research that concludes that overdosage or too much intake of CBD can lead to unwanted illnesses.

Some of the evident symptoms seen from the patients who had CBD intakes are nausea and vomiting, agitation, headaches, and even seizures.

Since the vaping industry is still at its premature stage, you, consumers, cannot be too confident about the vapes that you are having just yet. There are only a few studies about the possible effects of vaping, and most of these are still not finalized yet because it has only been a while since vape oils are out in the market. Time is very important in conducting every research.

In addition to this, the regulations regarding vapes are also very limited because it is still new. Firm punishments for vape oil manufacturers are still unclear. This must ring a bell on you before you go on and try vaping. It might have promised to be better compared to the regular cigarettes, but you have to really make sure that the one you are taking is the ones that are approved by the government. In the end, there will never be really harm in being extra careful.

Summer Heat – Handy Tips on How to Save Your Outdoor Dogs from The

I have a dog who’s part German Shepherd and, I think, part Polar Bear. Reb’s a large dog who loves the cold weather months. Her thick fur keeps her warm in the winter, but it’s detrimental to her well-being during the hot months. So I have to take some preventative steps to keep Reb cool when the thermometer rises. Here are some handy tips on how to save your outdoor dogs from the summer heat you can use!

Two Necessities That Will Help Keep Your Dogs Cool

There are two requirements that will help keep your outside dog cool in the summer heat: 1) Plenty of fresh, cool water at all times, and 2) Plenty of shade. When the temperature’s hot/humid, I change Reb’s water about three times a day. I’m never surprised that she’ll go for her water dish after she sees I have refilled it. Cooler water is, of course, much more refreshing and thirst-quenching than warm water.

When I worked away from home, I used an average-sized water dish (for a large dog) during the cooler months. But, during the hotter months, I switched over to using a much larger pan for Reb’s water so she wouldn’t run out while I was at work. I place her water dish or pan in a shady spot to help keep it cooler too. Having plenty of fresh, cool water at all times is an essential tip on how to save your outdoor dogs from the summer heat.

If your outside dogs love to munch on ice cubes, give them some throughout the day to help cool them down and keep them hydrated at the same time. Or, you can buy them frozen treats like Frosty Paws brand. You can even make your own homemade frozen treats called “Pupsicles.” Simply pour some slightly watered-down beef or chicken broth into several Dixie® cups. Set the cups in the freezer until the broth has just started to freeze. Then, place a jerky stick into each cup so one end is standing up. Put them back in the freezer and let them harden up. Before, you give your outside dogs “Pupsicles” to help save them from the summer heat, just remove the Dixie® cup first.

Your Dog Needs Plenty of Deep Shade Too

Leafy trees and dense bushes can offer shade for your outside dog. But, during the scorching summer heat, your pet needs a place s/he can go where the shade is more intense and cooler. The perfect spot may be a well-insulated dog house that’s has a thermal cover placed over it. Thermal covers reflect the sun’s heat to help save your outdoor dogs from the summer heat. Check your local pet supply store for availability, or perform a search on the Internet.

Kiddie Wading Pools to the Rescue!

If your outside pooches love to splash around in water, then buying them a small, inexpensive kiddie pool can help make them more comfortable this summer. Fill a wading pool with a few/several inches of water, (depending on the size of your dog) then let Fido splash around all s/he wants! The round outdoor daybeds will be beneficial for the children and pets of the house. The round shape of the daybed will provide comfort and ease in sitting of the person.

Or, check your local pet supply store, or perform a search on the Internet, for swimming pools that are specially designed for dogs, such as the ones sold by “One Dog One Bone Enterprises Incorporated”, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Caution: For safety’s sake, never leave your dog unattended when s/he is escaping the summer heat in a pool.

You can also fill a large spray bottle with cool water to give your outdoor dog refreshing spritzers. Reb likes that too, as long as she doesn’t get sprayed in the face.

CBD oils having similar benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are excellent wellness tools that can be used for ailments. The essential oils help in relieving stress and anxiety and also as an antiseptic for tooth decay and gum ailments. CBD oils are naturally extracted from cannabis plants and then mixed with a carrier oil. As per CBD pure reviews, both oils work great when it comes to treating ailments. The user also does not need to worry while using these oils as they do not offer any adverse effects. However, to gain the maximum benefits, one needs to use as per the guidance provided by the experts only.  

Essential oils similar to CBD oils

Copaiba– This oil is known for its stunning anti-inflammatory properties. The high concentration of beta-caryophyllene targets the CBD receptors that make it as effective as CBD oil and also helps in the reduction of pain. 


Rosemary– Rosemary oil is known for its unique anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that contain carnosol that is similar to CBD content. The oil helps to deal with cancer-related ailments and inflammation.  

Frankincense– The oil helps to target inflammation and also works well for those suffering from chronic pain. Like the best CBD cream for the pain, this oil has a great scent too that makes one feel beautiful.

Helichrysum– This oil is known to target all kinds of pains from muscle to ligament. The inflammation is lowered as the oil component improves the blood vessels.

Lavender– The scent of this oil helps to lower anxiety as well as works well to boost mood.

Magnolia– This sweet-smelling oil acts as a relaxing oil as it helps to relax the body and soul. The linalool content present in it helps one get a sound sleep.

Thus these are the essential oils that are similar to CBD oils.

How to Clean and Control Mold and Mildew on Exterior Bricks

Exterior of homes are susceptible to mold and mildew, particularly in shaded areas and in humid conditions. Displaying as black or green growth, mold and mildew can cling to brick structures like houses, chimneys, walls and patios. Neither the cold of winter or nor rain will wash it away. Controlling mold and mold testing are two important things that you should consider as you start with cleaning and controlling mold in your household on your own.

What You Will Need to Clean Mold and Mildew from Brick Surfaces

Cleaning Agent. The best cleaner for mold and mildew is household bleach. A safer and green alternative is an “oxygen bleach” like StainSolver. Oxygen bleach is a fume-free powder that is mixed with water. Chlorine bleach works faster than oxygen bleach, but oxygen bleach is safer when used near vegetation. Bleach will be mixed with water so an outdoor spigot and garden hose are needed. Powder or liquid laundry detergent, or grease-cutting liquid dish detergent used when hand washing dishes will lessen the fumes of bleach while adding cleaning potential to the mixture.

Tools. Cleaning bricks on a flat surface, like a patio, may be accomplished with a stiff broom, bucket, and garden hose. For large areas, consider renting or buying a pressure washer. Keeping on top of mold and mildew will be an on-going process that could make purchasing a pressure washer worthwhile. Stubborn build-up will require a utility brush with wire bristles. Tackling mold or mildew on tall, vertical surfaces, like the side of a house or a chimney, will require a ladder. If using bleach, a plastic tarp like that used to cover floors and furniture when painting will be needed to protect vegetation.

Before You Start

Dress appropriately. If working with bleach, be sure the clothes you choose to wear are some that you will not mind getting bleach stains (color fades). Working with a power washer creates a spray and you will most likely get wet so wear water proof boots or old shoes, like tennis shoes. For safety, wear goggles, rubber gloves and a hat.

Protect Landscaping. Whether using chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach, wet the ground around the area where you will be working before covering the vegetation. The wet ground will help to dilute any runoff from the cleaning process.

How to Clean the Bricks

Bleach Mixture. When using chlorine bleach, start with a ratio of one part bleach to three parts water. Use about 1 to 2 teaspoons of detergent (powder or liquid laundry detergent, or grease-cutting liquid dish detergent like Dawn) to each gallon of water/bleach. If using an oxygen bleach product, follow the instructions on the container.

Small or Low-Level Cleaning. When cleaning a flat surface or short vertical surface (like a brick wall), use the broom or wire brush and a bucket of water with bleach. Begin by spraying the surface to dampen the bricks. Dip the broom or brush into the bucket and apply light pressure as you scrub the bricks. Let the mixture remain on the bricks for at least 10 minutes and then rinse off with the garden hose. Some areas may need a second treatment. For intense build-up of mold or mildew, increase the ratio of bleach to water to 50:50.

Large or High-Level Cleaning. Add the bleach/detergent mixture and water to the pressure wash reservoir. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for the angle to hold the spraying wand. For areas of build-up, adjust the wand to concentrate pressure; otherwise, a wider spray pattern can be used. Rinse the surface with water.

Remember the Landscape. Carefully fold the plastic used to cover foliage to contain the bleach solution. Carry the plastic to an area where you can unfold the plastic to allow it to evaporate, like on a driveway. Spray the foliage with water again to ensure no bleach solution is lingering and to further dilute solution that made it to the ground.

Control Mold and Mildew on Bricks

Keeping brick surfaces mold and mildew-free is an ongoing process. When the first signs of mold or mildew appear, use the same process to clear it away. After the initially cleanup, following application should require less effort and less bleach.

The Helghan Invasion- Guidance for playing of the game

Another first-person shooter, great. The past few months has spawned a titan of the gaming world as well as a newcomer. Call of Duty: Black Ops and Bulletstorm offers gamers two very different shooters with creative worlds and gameplay. But another veteran has stepped back into the ring: Killzone 3.

The developers at Guerilla stunned the world when Killzone first jumped on to the Playstation 2. I still remember playing it and feeling how close the controls felt to what I was seeing on the screen. Killzone and Killzone 2 were pioneers in giving first-person shooter gamers the new challenge of carrying the weight of all your equipment and firearms while trying to run, aim, and shoot. This gave way to noticing the high quality of the game. It is by far one of the best shooters I’ve seen on the Playstation 3, and if I had a 3D television I’m sure the immersion of the game would have been complete.

The visuals were a welcome change from the previous iterations of the game which took place only on a generic battlefield. A building here, a scaffold there, and a straight corridor with boxes for cover is a far too common sight. The level that stuck out most was braving through the Helghan jungle. It was like looking at a painting that involved so many colors, it was difficult discerning one object from another. However, this didn’t detract from the gameplay. Most of the level was a stealth mission and it rewarded you for patience and seeing ways to kill multiple enemies in creative ways.

Which leads me to the gameplay. Much like Killzone 2 the aiming is entirely focused on your level of skill with joysticks. But what’s a first-person shooter in 2011 without a little bit of spice? The mechanized exoskeleton was a good change in pace as well as using a jetpack in a later level. All of this is good to keep me on my toes, but they were entirely too short and involved a steep learning curve after the first thirty seconds of using a new weapon. The real innovation I didn’t expect was being revived by your partner Sergeant Rico. I think being able to be actively revived is a mechanic many other shooters should look into including. Direction was not a strong point of the game, I found myself at certain points wondering what to do. The game constantly reminded me to look at my objective list which only gave me a final goal and nothing leading up to it. I enjoyed the realism of not knowing where my enemies were coming from, but it became frustrating when the cover system was nearly pointless. You run in, get hit with a few rounds until you’re almost dead, then a grenade is lobbed at you forcing you to run, and in the ensuing shots, you are shot down. Overall, the core shooter was satisfying. The Helghast soldiers did not die with just one headshot or two well-placed hits. They embodied their back story by being able to shrug off as many hits as you do. The excessive amounts of blood provided moments of delight even when the enemy didn’t fall.

Speaking of the back story, the Helghast Council delivered an excellent performance during the game. Instead of the Helghast being an evil culture with a dictator bent on Earth’s fall, the chancellors’ struggle for power gave the Helghast a reason to fight. The storyline wasn’t amazing, but a far pitch from the previous Killzone games. With graphics and gameplay at such high quality, I forgave Guerilla for the shallow plot.

Killzone 3 is without a doubt a large improvement from the previous games. Guerilla answered the call to popular demand in gameplay mechanics, and incorporated it into their own style. This resulted in a few hiccups in a clear direction if the game was played by a person familiar with first-person shooters, but not considered a hardcore player. If you want a shooter that brings out the best of the Playstation 3, then I recommend getting Killzone 3. It provides a challenge as well as a different feel to current first-person shooters, and if you don’t feel that you got enough out of your Playstation Move then I highly recommend trying this out.

This was played on Normal mode with a DualShock 3 controller. The gamers should work on the ranking in playing the game. A visit at the can be made for boosting the ranking of the players.

Treatments And Cures For Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a dental condition that most people will have to deal with during their lifetime. Most cases of dental decay will occur during childhood, however, adults too can experience tooth decay if they don’t take proper care of their teeth. When tooth decay occurs it is best to treat the decay quickly so that it doesn’t lead to more serious and costly conditions.

Tooth Decay Cures

Tooth decay cures are not as mythical as they may seem. If you catch the tooth decay before it creates a cavity then you can reverse the damage using simple strategies. One of the easiest ways to reverse the softening of your enamel is to increase the pH in your mouth so that it is alkaline. This will allow natural calcium and phosphate in your saliva to precipitate on the enamel of your teeth and strengthen the weakened area.

Treating Tooth Decay – Fillings

When tooth decay leads to the development of a cavity, the most common treatment is getting a filling. (Healthwise, 2008). This treatment starts with a cleaning of the tooth. After the cleaning the dentist will drill away the damaged tooth material. He will then fill the hole using an alloy amalgam or a resin. (Healthwise, 2008).

The cost of the filling will depend on the number of holes that need to be filled, the location of the tooth and the filling material. Generally the least expensive filling material is a silver amalgam which will cost between $90 and $250 for a single surface filling, and between $120 and $300 for two or more surfaces. ( Resins are going to be more expensive, especially the resins that are tooth colored. These fillings can run you anywhere between $90 and $300, depending on how many surfaces are affected and where the tooth is located.

Treating Tooth Decay – Crowns

Treating tooth decay damage that is severe is more difficult and costly to do. When the tooth is beyond being able to repair with a filling a crown is used. Treating tooth decay with this option involves several steps. The dentist will first clean your tooth and remove damaged tooth material. They will then fit you with a temporary crown. The final step will be to apply your permanent crown. (Healthwise, 2008).

Since this treatment requires multiple visit it is a more expensive treatment, however, if you tooth is in bad shape this may be your only option besides extraction. The cost of a crown is going to vary depending on who your dentist is, the location of the tooth and the material of the crown. Generally you can expect a crown to cost between $500 and $3,000, plus office visit fees.

Tooth decay is indeed a matter of concern but the treatment is generally affordable in order to avoid severe repercussions if not treated on time. A dental convention (conference)is where you can sort out your doubts regarding how to treat tooth decay through homemade measures.

Important Notes to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy Efficiently

Just because you will be filing for bankruptcy, or if you have already filed for bankruptcy, does it give you the green light to spend like you used to before and accumulate massive amount of debt again? Hopefully your answer is no, and that you have learned your lesson from this painful and humiliating experience of having to file for bankruptcy protection. What can you do in the future to avoid drowning in debt all over again? Of course, it would help a lot if you hire bankruptcy attorney san diego when you’re filing another bankruptcy case, but knowing these tips is great as a guide to avoid it.

A Budget Can Help

Many people cringe at the idea of having to create a budget. Creating and sticking to a budget is not a common practice for everyone for assorted reasons. Some people just did not know what should be tracked and how and to track it, while other people are just plain ignorant that creating a budget is one of the smartest thing you can do in your life. So what is a budget anyway? Initially when you are creating a budget, track every single expense that you have down to the penny. Once you see a few months of expenses recorded, you can categorize these expenses into major categories in your budget. It becomes visually clear if you can summarize all your expenses into various categories such as utilities for the home.

Once you have recorded all your expenses in the budget, you will be able to see visually what specific expenses you are incurring. Knowing your total expenses on a monthly basis, you will be able to know if you will be able to save or if you are going to tap into your savings reserve. You should strive to control your expenses so that your monthly expenses are always lower than the money you take home from work. Through the use of the budget, if you find yourself in a situation where your expenses exceed your income, you will want to find ways to reduce the expenses so that you will positive net income monthly. By doing so, you can help yourself to avoid accumulating debt and in the long run avoid any chance of filing bankruptcy again.

There are ways to save money

Saving money through cutting expenses is the best way to bring yourself out of the mountain of debt. I will give you 2 categories of expenses that you can look to reduce, and they are food and entertainment.

Cut back on food expenses

Undoubtedly you have to buy groceries to feed yourself. You can save money without having to starve yourself. If you are looking to save money on soft drinks, instead of buying the national brand Pepsi for $2 a bottle, you can always buy the store brand for just a little over $1. If you can save $1 for every single item that you are buying, just imagine the amount you will saving. This is the quickest way to save some money, so to avoid finding yourself in debt and you will need to file for bankruptcy again.

Cut your expenses on entertainment

If you spend a lot of time in the movie theater, you should not pay full price for the movie tickets. You can ideally save a lot of money if you can be patient about watching that latest flick and wait till it comes out on DVD. Instead of watching that movie during prime time, you can also save at least $2-$3 per movie by watching the matinee show. If you want something to munch on during the movie, bring your own food, as the food from the concession stand is always more expensive. The first rule of thumb to avoid going into heavy debt or seeking for bankruptcy shelter is to save as much as you can, and cut back on all the unnecessary expenses.

To avoid bankruptcy, spend only what you have with cash

If you can change your spending habit to use only cash to buy anything that you need, that is a big step forward to becoming debt free. If you are making $y per month, and you are using only cash for purchases and expenses, you will never spend more than the $y you have per month. This means that you will not have any debt going forward. Many people ended up filing for bankruptcy because they managed to rack up enormous amount of debt on their credit cards. If you are frugal and only spend what you can have and can afford, you will then find yourself in a much better financial position.

Mentioned above are just some ways that I believe you can do to help you save some money. You have probably some people said before, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Do not put yourself in a position where you will need to file for bankruptcy protection again. Learn from your previous experience and start your life anew and do not accumulate too much debt in the future so that you can avoid filing bankruptcy again in the future.

Planning to make your House Sparkling Clean? Let Baking Soda do the Job

Who doesn’t love to have a sparkling clean house, right? You’ve probably gone looking for the best staubsauger angebote to churn out a clean spotless home. Yes, vacuum cleaners are helpful. But there’s a cleaning agent you shouldn’t miss.

A few years ago I had a bad case of pneumonia which triggered horrible asthma attacks. I could not clean my bathroom or kitchen without an asthma attack. The combination of harsh chemicals and strong perfumes and fragrances in the cleansers had me gasping for air anytime I picked up the sponge to tackle the bathroom.

I was despairing of ever having a spotless home. Would I be stuck in a poorly maintained household and be too embarrassed to have company over? Worse, I couldn’t brush my teeth because the peppermint made me cough. There had to be a better way I thought. What did humans do before fancy bottled cleansers? What did my grandmother do when she cleaned the house?

I did a quick internet search. Lo and behold, in the words of my English ancestors, a simple baking soda solution that our grandmothers used. It’s not just for baking anymore. Pick up a box at the grocery store and read it. On the box are dozens of tips on how to use it.

Dip your toothbrush in a bit of baking soda and brush your teeth. It has the double purpose of freshening your breath too. Use one teaspoon in a half cup of water to settle an upset tummy. I certainly had a tummy ache after looking at my dirty home for a month. One half cup in the bathtub to soothe itchy skin and have a relaxing bath. I’m loving this product already!

Use a water and baking soda paste to soothe insect bites and allergic hives. I get hives from food allergies so this is cheaper than buying hormonal ointments.

Use it as a food safe way to scrub vegetables and fruits. With all the scares about contamination on produce, it eases my mind to be able to wash fruits and veggies when I get home from the store.

I can make a cheap paste of water and baking soda to remove marks from all surfaces such as walls and baseboards and I don’t have to wonder if there’s formaldehyde in it or not.

Baking soda be used to scrub out the bathtub without scratching the porcelain finish. Also great as a litter box deodorizer to make kitty’s box smell fresh. A great idea when your home is small and the box has to be in your bathroom too.

After these discoveries I’m healthier plus not in the least bit worried about carcinogens from cleaning products. I don’t have to worry about an asthma attack from toxic fumes, nor react to stinky perfumes and fragrances.

The grocery clerk may look at me a bit oddly when I buy a large box of baking soda every month but I can just smile back at her as I can breathe once again. My grandmother would even approve.