Nannies, Babysitters, Mother’s Helpers, Oh My!

Over the years caregivers doing similar jobs have been labeled with so many different job titles, that even industry experts have difficulty making a distinction between positions. All of the jobs involving the care of children can and are often referred to as simply “child caregivers”. However, if you look online or call an agency you will be faced with a list of job titles that include: Nanny, Babysitter, Mothers Helper, Au Pair, Governess and of course Child Caregiver.

Many of the titles have become so intertwined that most families, caregivers and even agencies have been using the terms interchangeably. To help get you through the tangle of titles, here is a brief description of the most popular childcare job titles and their descriptions. 

Babysitters are generally hired for temporary situations like having someone watch your child on Saturday night so you can go out. Usually very little is required or expected of a Babysitter, other than keeping an eye on the kids and call you if there is a problem. Most times local teenagers will make great sitters when they are available. There are also professional Babysitters who charge just a little more but offer considerably more peace of mind. Professional Sitters will usually have CPR and First Aid training for an added measure of security. They frequently have other jobs during the day like teaching, daycare worker or they might even be a Nanny.

Nannies encompass a larger category of Child Caregivers. Nanny is the title used most frequently when wanting to hire a person for full or part-time child care so you can go back to work. Nannies are almost always people that have made a career choice to work with children and be a Nanny. The professional Nannies will engage the children in activities to keep them busy instead of just putting them in front of the television. The Nannies should also be CPR and First Aid trained and some have had classes in being a Nanny. While some Nannies are only slightly better trained than a Babysitter, others have had extensive child care or child development classes and can be a very big help to a new Mom. Some Nannies will even specialize in working with multiples, infants or special needs children.

Nanny/Housekeeper is another title for workers that are generally more flexible and able to help with both the children and will do light housekeeping. In general, these Nannies are best suited for families with slightly older children that do not require constant supervision. Nanny/Housekeepers are perfect for helping take care of the home while the kids are in school. They can then make a snack and keep an eye on the kids until the parents get home from work.

Au Pair’s are often a misunderstood group of child caregivers that become part of your family for the one or two years they are here. Au Pair’s are most frequently young men and woman between 18 and 26 years old that come from other countries to temporarily live in the United States. In exchange for helping a family with childcare, Au Pair’s are paid a salary plus given time off to attend school.

Mother’s Helper is much easier to understand since as the name implies, it usually will refer to a person who is helping mom take care of her kids while she is around. Many times “stay at home moms” with multiple children have found that a little extra help can be very useful. While occasionally a Mother’s Helper might watch the children for short periods of time, their job is mainly to provide additional support for a mom. Mother’s Helpers tend to be entry-level positions or positions for a person that prefers not to have all of the responsibility themselves.

The governess is another title that is often overlooked in the United States but is still very important around the world. Generally, a Governess will be equivalent to a private teacher. They will usually have the added responsibility of etiquette training as well.

There are so many ways that a child caregiver can help a family I could not possibly list them all here. The most important way a caregiver can help is with peace of mind. Whatever your needs are, never hire anyone that you do not feel comfortable with. Since you and your family will be working closely with the caregiver and you will entrust them with the care of your son or daughter, you need to know that you can trust and rely on the person you choose above all else. And if you are looking for Childcare And Preschool In Northwest Houston then you can follow the link here. You will get the best service provider along with the option to choose a nanny or caretaker according to your likes and dislikes. All the caretakers that you hire from them are highly professional and experienced as well. 

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