Must Have Features Of Virtual Data Rooms

There are many virtual data room providers that offer their own services, which can make choosing for one really hard. In this article, we will list out all of the important features that a virtual data room needs to have to help you choose the best virtual data room provider. without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Watermarking of documents

A good virtual data room will provide the ability to include a customized watermark that provides the date, time, and name of the employee or contractor who acquired that particular document in order to avoid leaks of information to outside parties, and to easily see who is responsible in case of a leak.

  1. Document self-destruct feature

This will allow you to have access to copies of documents that were transferred to other users, allowing you to remove access to them at will. With this feature, you can also set custom self destruct mechanisms, like self destruct after a set period of time, or after the document has been opened.

  1. Encryption using the best method available

Currently, the best encryption method is 256-bit AES SSL encryption. Therefore, you must choose a virtual data room provider that uses that encryption method. By doing so, you will guarantee that the data and documents that are going through the virtual data room is protected from hackers and other malicious programs. This applies to data that are currently stored in the virtual data room as well.

  1. Control of access to documents

A good virtual data room will allow the admin to set permission on which file is allowed to be edited, downloaded, or shared with other people. This will allow you to set custom permissions like allow a document to be downloaded, but restrict it from being replicated or edited once it is downloaded.

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