Mosquito Magnet Defender is Amazing – My Review

We decided to purchase this great machine online for a moderate price of $279.99 plus shipping after trying mosquito pest control Columbia SC which was quite effective as well. The total costs for the mosquito magnet defender were about $350.00 and we were happy with the cost if the results were going to be substantial in decreasing the mosquito population in our rural area. How does it work? Apparently, the mosquitoes are vacuumed into the machine, and then they run out of moisture and eventually dehydrate. This was my kind of machine, there is little more in this world that I hate more than mosquitoes.

I was happy that it was going to be easy to set up. All we needed was the propane tank, the instructions, and we were ready to begin killing all the mosquitoes in the area so that they could no longer bite us.

Shipping took almost two weeks, and it was a long two weeks. The day that we got it we decided to set it up and see how it would fare within our rural area that had been overcome with mosquitoes during the past couple of years. The irritation of the bugs, as well as the growing instances of West Nile virus, convinced us that the machine was indeed going to be a wise investment.

The cord wasn’t as long as people told me it was and I was forced to go to the local hardware store and buy an extension cord. This all-weather extension cord added a total of thirty-four dollars on to the total price of the investment, the propane tank for the machine came at a cost of forty dollars. This was getting expensive! I hope that the propane tank would last about a month, as this was how much I figured into the ongoing costs of the machine.

I read through the instructions book and found that it was easy to set up, it was recommended that the machine is on for every hour of the day to catch the most mosquitoes, I did not know how I felt about this. That was a lot of propane going into the environment. We will have to see how it works. I was going to give it a month to see if the mosquito population had dwindled, hopefully, it was going to work, as I was getting eaten alive even while setting it up!

The propane tank lasted for a little less than a month, and during this month I was able to sit outside and read the paper or a book and watch the children play in the lake. I am happy with the investment and have even convinced some close neighbors to make the investment, as we could work together to combat the high numbers of mosquitoes when I clean it out, there are always lots of them in there, and not as many biting! I am very happy with this choice.

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