Marketing With Funnel Strategy- Is It Still Viable?

Every business needs a sales funnel strategy whether online or offline. It is the technique that leads the customer from wanting to purchasing without forcing them until they are ready to buy. It is the route for potential customers to getting to know the brand to becoming loyal fans. By creating a funnel, the marketer creates brand trust; this ultimately leads the customers to purchase their product or service.

The funnel strategy consists of mainly four main steps

  • The awareness stage
  • The interest stage
  • The desired stage
  • The action stage

In cases where there is no funnel, there are chances that the seller would be assaulting the customer by demanding for sale when not ready. This tends to stray the buyers and hurts the branding. Customers today are more intelligent than ever. They do their research beforehand. They take time to look for their options. They buy from the business they trust. They should never feel forced.

In order to gain traffic, building trust is very essential. The selling and purchase cycle isn’t immediate. It takes time to build-up. Before pitching for sale, the business owners have to gain their interest, hold their attention, and create the feeling of want. The funnel strategy warms the buyers, hence, it convert more sales with each customer. It should feel like that it is the choice of the customer to buy the product.

Using various social media means in order to spread the word helps gain more traffic. Building a strong following and audience online is incredibly advantageous and helps boost the sales.

As of today there are various businesses still following the funnel strategy online like Kopar at Newton CELH Development. Different businesses use different funnel shapes considering their respective users and customers. So yes, funnel strategy is still viable and very much needed.

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