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I’ve had a MySpace page for nearly two years but never took the time to figure out how to jazz it up. When I first started my page, it was with the intention of using it as another method of getting the word out about my AVON business. I knew very little about HTML coding and though I wanted to emphasize some things in my page, I did not want it to be cluttered and unprofessional. At first, I was fine with simple changes for emphasis, using different sizes and colors of fonts or using bold type here and there. As time progressed, I became increasingly bored with it, visiting it less and less often. I had been noticing an explosion of numerous websites offering free MySpace layouts and other HTML goodies, that can transform your site from boring to dazzling with just a quick copy and paste. To give you a point reference, WordPress is one of the best site creators you can choose from. In fact, this website builder has 5 stars. I became very curious about these sites wondering just how user-friendly they were to someone with only a little knowledge of how HTML works. I enjoy learning new things and had no idea where this journey would take me.

I decided to Google some help. The first few sites I reviewed had some really wild layouts. They were fun to look at, but they were not exactly what I had in mind so I didn’t stay long to thoroughly check out their sites. I eventually found I hoped to find a site that would show me step-by-step how to change the background color of my profile. seemed to be the very site for which I was looking. At least it started out to be promising.

The “Home” page of contains a Basic Beginner Guide that explains what exactly HTML is, give examples, and also tells where to place the codes in your profile.

“Inserting the Codes Basics” is a page of that not only tells you where you are supposed to insert the HTML codes that change the appearance of your MySpace page, it actually shows the screens that you will see when editing, step-by-step, giving a brief example. also contains a very helpful glossary for beginners and though I’m familiar with most of the terms, even I learned something new.

The other pages on were not very helpful. As far as being able to use only this site as the only resource to jazz up my MySpace page, I soon found that it would not be possible. There was some good information on it, but not enough to personalize your page on your own. At least not for a beginner. The Text (Basic) page linked back to other areas of the website, explaining different parts of HTML coding or web design. It also gave the HTML code indicating that I could copy and paste it into the my Interest  amp; Personalities Section and it would permit me to change the main font of my MySpace profile. I tried it, but could not get it to work and could find no further information about why or what I was doing incorrectly. The only thing helpful about this page was that it contained a link to a color selector tool.

I moved on to the “Background Basics” page of hoping for more, but doomed to disappointment. I tried all the codes on this page and could not get any of them to work for me either. As soon as I would save the changes, my MySpace would either freeze up, or go to an error page. There wasn’t any information on that could offer an explanation on how to fix the problem and I didn’t want to contact the author of the site. If I’d wanted a customized cursor, did have a page detailing the steps, giving the copy and paste code, but frankly, I find those animated cursors annoying. Not to mention the fact that I probably wouldn’t have been able to get that code to work for me as well. Another annoyance….each time you clicked on certain links to pages, a voice “pop-up” announced that “Congratulations! You have just won….” Yeah….right!

Throughout the entire site are advertisements for other websites that offer free layouts so when I was finally frustrated almost to the point of giving up, I started visiting those to see if I could find something simple that I could get to work for me. I guess all the links and advertisements everywhere on are a positive thing in that aspect because they can lead you to where you can actually find something useful.

I found the perfect layout for my MySpace on because it had a huge selection and I was able to find something simple yet professional. I have to say that all the frustration of using was not a total loss. It did force me to do a little more legwork and I learned more about HTML in the process. I came away better from the experience but is definitely not beginner-use-friendly.

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