Lovely Gift Ideas For Your Romantic Partner This Christmas Season

There should not be a holiday devoted to true love, for love itself should be shown and expressed every day on any occasion. Phone, instant messaging and of course talking in person are all great way to tell that one special guy or girl how much they mean to you. But this holiday does exist and thus gives our girls another wonderful reason to hit the malls. I say girls because no matter how much your guy may care about you, chances are he will turn to online shopping for ideas and to make actual purchases. While girls spend countless hours in a mall over analyzing what to get, guys make a few clicks online and they are done with their shopping.

It is often difficult to shop for the one you love, but creativity and thoughtfulness is key, especially if you are low of cash. If you have been together a long time you probably know your sweetheart better than anyone else, and therefore can get him something his friends and family won’t think of. This you can learn from any casual conversation or observation of your guy/girl in the mall. Last year me and my guy were talking about high schools and I learned that he always regretted not getting his HS yearbook (he graduated in 1997). That Christmas I went back to his school (luckily he went to school in my city) and amazingly enough they still had one remaining copy of the yearbook.

The image of his face as he unwrapped his present is priceless. Aside from the usual cologne gift that is often too expensive, an equally thoughtful and much cheaper would present would be to get your guy deodorant that smells like his favorite cologne. It is a known fact that guys sweat more than we do, and a great deodorant is often more useful than another tie.

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If you are shopping for a girl, and you are short on cash, a thoughtful and very inexpensive way to say “I love you” would be to make her some cupcakes and either write it on top. Baking these days has never been simpler and all of the pre-made ingredients can be bought at any supermarket. If you are the type of a guy who will never wear an apron, you can still show her how thoughtful you are by paying close attention to her thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Some of the creative things you can look into is erotic board games for the two of you, a ‘goodie’ bag with some sensual and sexual toys, or you can go in a different direction and get your girl an electrical shaver, a flash for her new notebook, a wireless mouse, etc. This of course all depends on who she is, whether she’s an electronics freak like myself, or whether she’s the kind of girl who will go for clothes, jewelry and make up.

The point here is that a perfect gift takes time, research, and planning. I used to get offended when my boyfriend bought my gifts online, but asking him to go shopping after work and school would be insensitive and unfair. And it really is the thought that counts. It really truly is.

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