Know About The History Of Woodworking

The wood is one of the things, that is used by the human begins in different ways and different purposes. In the ancient period, the wood was used as weapons. That was the ear of survival for human beings. So they used to sharpen the wood to use it as a weapon. They also used to stone, and they also used to club the stone and the wood together for making the weapons. These weapons were used for hunting the animal for the sake of food. Initially, the wood-carving was developed.

How they started developing the tools for woodworking

  • For sharpening the wood they used to rub the wood on the big stone. By doing so, they got to know that the rubbing on the hard material lesser hard material gets sharpened. Then they started developing the tool by using hard materials like sharp stone, and animal parts.
  • This sharp edge stone is called flint. And this flint tool was used for sharpening the wood and other soft materials like clay. Then they started engraving the designs through this sharp edge stone on the wall of big stone and trees. This is called a wood-carving.
  • Then they started carving on large wood parts to make some shape and designs. This wood-carving grew in such a way that the furniture like table, chair, stool, bed, and coffin was getting developed. In that same era, they got to know about metals like copper and iron.
  • They started using woodworking equipments like a chisel, and axes and pull saw, etc. for sharpening, cutting, hammering the wood. They used woodworking equipment like a bow drill for drilling the wood.

Then they started using metal to hammer the wood parts. In this way, they had developed the basic tools for woodworking. In this run, the tools for a household like pipes, dye, the roof for and the columns were started getting developed.

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