Hunting with the .243 Winchester – Possibly the Perfect Deer Round

The .243 Winchester has been around for some time. It has been used to take a multitude of game from prairie dogs to moose. Yet some macho hunters consider this round underpowered for even deer. They could not be more wrong.

The .243 Winchester is a wonderful round. It is accurate, has light recoil and hits with enough authority to take deer sized game cleanly and humanely. The .243 is a necked down version of the .308 Winchester. It is normally factory loaded with bullets which weigh from 80 to 100 grains. Those who hand load have a choice of weights all the way up to 105 grains. It pushes these bullets anywhere from 2700 to 2900 feet per second with plenty of foot pounds of energy to do the job.

I bought my wife a Winchester model 70 many years ago. The caliber .243. It is the only center fire rifle she has owned. She hunts with me often. And I have seen her take many deer and several antelope with this rifle. It has performed spectacularly in the field. In fact my wife has taken the better of buck antelope between the two of us. On that hunt I watched in amazement when she sent an eighty grain Speer bullet downrange and knocked that antelope buck head over heels at about two-hundred and fifty yards. For perfect spying, there can be use of the yellowstone binoculars reviews at the search engines. The power of the rifle should be excellent to shoot the animals and birds available in the forest. 

In my hunting experience I have used many different calibers for my hunts, from the 22-250 Remington, to the .338 Winchester magnum. Of all of the rifles I’ve owned I feel my favorite is the 7mm Remington magnum. But when I really think about it I could have taken every head of game I have with a .243 Winchester. I am slow to admit it but it is the truth.

This round has caused the demise of several comparative rounds. When Winchester brought out the .243 Remington brought out a similar round called the .244. The Winchester round proved to be more effective and won the sales war hands down. Remington redesigned the .244 and called it the 6 millimeter Remington but it was too little too late. The .250 Savage and the .257 Roberts were likewise overshadowed by the performance of the .243.

There is an old saying amongst hunters and soldiers alike. It is Beware of the man who owns one rifle. The reason for this belief is that to use one rifle makes the shooter/hunter more proficient, yes more intimate, with this one rifle. Well my wife has owned the one rifle and she is a crack shot. I must say I am a believer. Of course I take pride in saying i reload for her. And I must say the .243 is very easy and actually pleasurable to reload.

I believe the .243 Winchester is a perfect rifle for deer sized game out to about 300 yards. I also believe it is also a good varmint round with inherent accuracy. In the deep woods though I would probably, and I mean deep woods, steer toward a brush buster like the 30-30 Winchester or .35 Remington. But all-in-all the .243 is hard to beat as the perfect deer rifle. I may need to get me one.

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