How To Use The Most Popular Video Sharing Platform Tiktok: A Step-By-Step Guide

Tiktok – one of the most popular video-sharing apps is a social network that helps a person make short videos. Varying from a few seconds to a minute, they help to ensure that the users get a variety of themes. With a large number of users growing, the users create a variety of videos, including dance, lip synchronizing, magic trick, funny videos, and much more. With and after making the video, one can visit the profile and download the videos they have made. 

How to download Tiktok videos

The solution on how to download Tiktok videos help a person to keep memories alive. They come in two ways. One includes downloading every video individually, while another one involves sending a request to the Tiktok. 

  • Downloading individual video: 

It involves going to the profile and selecting the video. One must then select the three dots present on the file and choose to save the video option. One can download every single video in the same manner. 

  • Sending a request for download: 

It requires going to the profile and tapping on the three dots on the right corner. One should then select privacy and safety and then go to personalization and data and then tap on download. Further, one must go for requesting, and once the request is granted and receives the request. One can then download it.  

Tiktok, a well-grown social media, helps a person find their hidden dreams and also helps them to feature videos and earn likes and comments. It does not just help them with creating an aura and effect on people’s life. They have a broader scope and come with every mesmerizing feature that can make a person spend time with it for hours. Providing a reliable platform for video lovers, they render a secure space to create, share, and browse videos throughout the day.

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