How To Prevent Razor Burn By Keeping The Machine Clean!

Razor burn is an irritation of the skin that results from shaving. This rash looking irritation often comes as a result of putting too much pressure on the razor while shaving, shaving with a dirty razor, not using the proper lubricant while shaving, or shaving against the grain of your hair growth. It’s something that most people, both men and women, experience more than a few times in their lives, but it’s something that everyone would rather not have to deal with, as it is uncomfortable and unattractive. The best way to avoid razor burn is to know how to prevent it.

Use a moisturizing shave gel

Moisturizing shave gel puts an extra layer between the razor and your skin, which is something that you absolutely need if you are trying to prevent razor burn. Using a moisturizing shave gel will also help keep your skin moisturized, as the name implies. Some people choose to use soap when shaving, but this is a common reason for experiencing razor burn.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Many people think that if they shave in against the direction of the hair grain, your hair will grow back thicker. This is very false. Most people shave the opposite direction that the hair grows because it is usually an instinct because it’s more convenient. Shaving your hair the opposite direction that the hair is growing actually causes ingrown hairs, more cuts, and of course, razor burn.

Avoid applying too much pressure

Most people apply a lot of pressure on the razor when shaving because it means a closer shave, which is what most people consider attractive. Instead of putting too much pressure on your razor which is what causes most people to experience razor burn, use a new razor when the old one does not give you as close of a shave that you want. This will give you what exactly what you want, a close shave without the irritation.

Avoid perfumed aftershave

The scent in perfumed aftershave, while they may make you smell great, irritates your skin. You have to decide whether you would rather smell great and have razor burn or smell a little less strong, and maybe not as wonderful, and have smooth skin. Cologne or even spray scents are a nice alternative to scented aftershaves. Instead of the scented aftershave, use a lotion that contains aloe vera in it.

Clean your razor

Use rubbing alcohol to clean your razor every once in a while. A razor is a great place for bacteria, which can cause damage to your skin and the same for haarschneider which is mostly used by barbers. Most disposable razors or reusable razors have a moisture strip on them, if this is the case with your razor, do not use the rubbing alcohol to clean it, but if this is not the case, use it. Your razor has to be clean!

If after doing all this, you are still unfortunate enough to experience razor burn, try using aloe vera. It is great for getting rid of those annoying little red bumps.–

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