How To Learn About Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesalers

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesalers, Ltd. of Britich Columbia, Canada, is a Canadian owned and operated company which sells over a million pounds of coffee annually. They have a commitment to selling the best coffee at the most affordable price possible.

Best Gourmet imports and roasts their coffees in Maple Ridge, B.C. and works closely with farmers and millers to ensure that their product is the best available. Their focus is on good beans as a base to great coffee to meet their customers’ satisfaction. When designing a roast, from bean to package, they include customer comments and suggestions as part of the overall profile for the coffee. They utilize experienced tasters on site to ensure the quality of their products. They also offer good coffee brew that everyone who will try will certainly love as it is made from quality ingredients.

Here is the current line of Best Gourmet Coffee:

225g ground coffee cans: Most of their products are packaged in thee shrink-wrap packages of 12 cans, including Dark Variety, Regular Variety, and Flavored Variety. Cases of individual varieties can be purchased as well.

1kg ground coffee cans: These are new and beautifully lithographed that come in five varieties: Columbia Excelso, Mocha Java Blend, Irish Cream, and Dark French Italian. They are in cases of six cans and are discounted with orders of more than 100 cases.

300g vacuum sealed bricks: This packaging is new to Best Gourmet Coffee, but is becoming standard in the industry because of its freshness keeping properties. This line has replaced Best Gourmet’s 225g bags and contains 100% Arabica Gourmet coffee in a more aesthetic package. There are twelve popular flavors in cases of 24 bags each. Their most popular flavoris, such as Mocha Java, French Roast Special, Hazelnut Cream, and Kona Surprise are available in this packaging.

1lb ground whole bean coffee bags: Since Best Gourmet Coffee roasts only 100% Arabica beans, sorted to remove unevenly sized beans (washed and sun-dried), they have some of the best beans for home grinding on the market. These bags are in cases of 24 assorted or single-variety and can be purchased pre-ground if desired.

2lb whole bean coffee bags w/ one way valve: Similar to the above, this product is larger and comes in boxes of ten and is available whole-bean only.

Ground potion packs: these are pre-measured pouches of different flavors (2oz to 1.5oz, depending on flavor) and are popular amongst restaurants in Western Canada.

2oz ground coffee foil packages: Coming in cases of forty-two assorted bags or single flavors, this is ideal for gift baskets and samplers so customers can try all the various flavors available.

Mother’s Blend hot chocolate deluxe blend: Containing a high amount of cocoa, while being low in calories, this is especially formulated for the distinct taste customers expect. It comes shrink-wrapped at 12 per case.

5lb bulk coffee bean package: Every variety and flavor of coffee that Best Gourmet Coffee produces are roasted from gourmet Grade 1 Arabica coffee beans, hand-sorted to give consistent coffee with every pot. These larger packages are popular for restaurants, coffee shops, and other bulk users.

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesale, Ltd. takes pride in all the coffee they produce and sell. Their commitment to providing the best coffee possible is what sets them apart from the competition and gives them the success they have in the industry.

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