How To Grow Indoor Marijuana

Growing cannabis indoors has many advantages when compared to growing it outdoors. This method reduces the possibility of theft and getting caught by law enforcement agents if you are growing it illegally. In addition, growing marijuana indoors helps you control pests much more effectively. You can also control the environment in which you are growing your plants in order the get the best quality of cannabis.

Your marijuana plants will grow properly if you give them the following resources in the right amounts:

Light: An adequate supply of light is very essential for good yields.

Air: Fresh air accompanied by a slight breeze is best.

A grow medium: This includes soil and other available options, such as hydroponics.

The right temperature: Marijuana cannot do well in a cold environment.

Nutrients: Ensure that you apply fertilizer at the right time and in the right amount.

Water: Maintaining the right PH is very essential. A PH of 6 to 7 is ideal for soil, and for hydro the ideal PH is 5.5 to 6.5

Where do you begin?

Growing marijuana indoors requires you to take certain steps as follows:

One of the worst mistakes new cannabis growers make is failing to do the necessary research before starting their projects. Trying to grow your marijuana plants without the right knowledge can hurt or kill your plants.

To avoid this, do a little research online before embarking on your project.

When it says studying, it doesn’t mean that you have to go through every website and news article about marijuana that comes your way but simply the ones pertaining to CBD Öl Erfahrungsberichte as Cannabinoid is one of the best medicinal ingredients that is good for both physical and mental health.

Grow equipment is not hard to get and is completely legal to buy. You can order from eBay or from specialist outlets. These items include:

It is easy to grow weed from seeds. Ensure that you buy healthy seeds from a reliable source. You can also buy them discreetly online.

The number of seeds that you need to germinate depend on the size of your grow box. If your seeds are female, you need to germinate 12 seeds; 2 should be kept in reserve.

If you have normal seeds, you will end up with about 50 % male and 50% female plants. You also need to be aware that male plants do not produce marijuana and they will have to be uprooted later on. However, female seeds are the best to germinate. If you buy feminized seeds, you have a 100%cahnce of success.

Once the plants have popped up and developed some for leaves, transfer them into pots with fresh garden soil. Follow the instructions that you found during your research.

Cannabis plants require a lot of water because they grow fasst. However, avoid over watering then because that is as bad as no water.

Young cannabis plants should be watered once a week, while mature ones need to be watered once a day.

You plants are now in pots and are standing under your grow lights. Do not allow them get too close to the lights; otherwise their leaves will get burnt.

The light should ideally be left on for 18 hours and switched off for six hours. This allows your plants to sleep and become healthier. Total darkness is recommended during the sleep state, so black out windows and other sources of light.

Water your plants when necessary.

Marijuana plants start flowering during the 4th week. After about 3 and a half weeks, switch the lights on for 12 hours every day. Your plants will start flowering.

-Spot the male plants and remove them.

You will be able to tell the male plants since they look different from the female flowers. Male plants develop small hanging balls where the leaf stem joins the main stem, while the female develops whitish hairs in the same spot. If you fail to remove them, male plants will fertilize the female ones resulting in poor yields.

After removing the male plants, you will need to apply fertilizer to your plants according to what you learnt from your research. If you notice an infestation of bugs, you will need to spray your plants using a mild pesticide. There are organic pesticides which are a viable and preferable alternative to mainstream toxic chemicals.

These are the last two stages in the process of growing cannabis indoors.

After you are through with harvesting, your cannabis is now ready for drying and curing.

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