How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner

As history has it, the first vacuum cleaner, which was invented by a Daniel Hess, was more of a carpet sweeper and not a vacuum cleaner. In 1860, Hess patented an appliance that featured some brushed rotating on the bellows and on the bottom to help create suction. Conversely, there is no tangible evidence that such a machine was ever produced.

In 1908, 40 years down the line, James Spangler of Canton, Ohio, was awarded all copyrights for the first ever portable electric vacuum cleaner, thanks to William Hoover, his cousin in law who provided James’ name to the famous company that manufactures quality vacuum cleaners to date.

Thanks to technology, 150 years down the line, vacuum cleaners have greatly been improved. Be it doing your weekly chores of vacuuming your home, undertaking a spring cleaning or just leaving the vacuuming task up to the robot, you are sure to find a vacuum cleaner specific for your needs. There is a wide variety of vacuum cleaners in the market from those that are upright, HEPA filtered, canister to bagged and bag-less.

Basically, the way a vacuum cleaner works is rated in two broad ways. First of all, it is how the machine picks up dirt and debris off the carpet and the floor. While shopping for a vacuum cleaner, ensure you check on the power of the suction motor, which plays the most vital role if you expect good performance.

The second reason although a lot of people disregard it, is how the vacuum cleaner does filter the air and returns it back into your home. If you have any allergy problem, then your best choice should be a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Some HEPA vacuum cleaner models feature a 99% filter rate on common allergens found in households such as dust and pollens where you just need a staubsauger test (vacuum cleaner test) to ascertain its worth and performance.

You will also be faced with the choice of canister and upright vacuum. Both of them have their own share of pros and cons hence your choice should be purely personal taste and preference. Whereas the canister vacuums feature a retractable electric cord that helps enhance its functionality because you wouldn’t need to enfold the cord back on the neck of the cleaner, the head canister are able to maneuver and reach beneath the furniture and other difficult-to-clean areas such as the stairs.

The design and type of most vacuum cleaners are ‘tailor-made’ to clean specific areas hence you should identify the area you want to vacuum before buying one. For instance, it would be pointless to choose a carpet vacuum cleaner if your floor is covered in hardwood.

You will have to consider all the nitty gritty details before selecting and settling for a specific vacuum cleaner. It will only require you to shuffle your cards properly, to be able to earn yourself a perfect vacuum cleaner to tackle all your cleaning problems.

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