How To Choose Best Cbd Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is known for its pain-alleviating and other medicinal properties. With the various strains of marijuana available across cannabis dispensaries, it can get a bit challenging to decide the best CBD oil for pain. Different CBD oils have varying percentage of CBD mixed in a base of carrier oils. Below is a guide on the different CBD oils available in the market to help you choose.

Types of CBD oils available:

  • CBD oil with CBD content of 130mg per 15ml

This is mixed in a base of carrier oils of coconut and hemp, as well as essential oils like that of blood orange. This CBD oil is a low dose and great to start out if you are new to CBD oils.

  • CBD oil with CBD content of 250mg per 15ml

This has a base of CBD dominant hemp oil, MCT oil and orange extracts. It helps relieve minor pains and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, also aiding in better sleep.

  • CBD oil with CBD content of 300mg per 15ml

This is a mildly high dose of CBD tincture and can be consumed for overall well-being. It helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as promotes mental clarity and focus. It also relieves pain from arthritis, muscle pain and inflammation.

  • CBD oil with CBD content of 750mg per 15ml

This high dosage CBD oil is mixed in a base of fractionated coconut oil and hempseed oil. It additionally has hemp extracts. This CBD oil is great to alleviate muscle pains and inflammation, as well as works to uplift mood and reduce anxiety.

  • CBD oil with CBD content of 800mg per 30ml

This full spectrum CBD oil contains organic hempseed oil and MCT oil, plus vitamin E. It is good for daily consumption for overall well-being and helps reduce any chronic conditions.

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