Hiring a Social Media “Expert” for Your Business

In today’s world, social media marketing is a must for any business. However, most people aren’t adept at this so they hire a social media expert. Here are 5 tips that you should look for in an applicant for social media expert.

Their Plan

Ask the applicant what their plan will be and how they will use social media to spread your business to increase revenue. If they seem to talk about just one way then this is a no-no because a social media expert should have plenty of different ways to spread the word about a business. They should use many different websites and not just stick to one. Ask them what they will do if one fails to do the trick. Their response is sure to give a sign of their work ethics and implementation.


A social media expert should be as simple as the social websites out there. Their personality shouldn’t be like they are stressed out and are scared to try something new. They should be flexible and be willing to use new websites to perform the tasks that you give them and not rely on the old and be scared of change. They should also be calm when they talk to you because if they can’t talk to a boss how are they going to talk to your customers where they might ask cross questions.

Good Speaker

Yes, I know. You don’t really have to speak over the internet because it is all words. However, you should be able to speak well to be able to write well, because writing is what they will be doing on the websites to help your business. If they can speak well then they will be able to type well and won’t have any problems expressing their ideas through different mediums. A good and comfortable speaker is a must for any social media expert. A good speaker is also capable of growing your free instagram followers. This will help you gain more audience or potential customers for your business.

Professional Yet Fun

In any job, one must be professional and should know how to treat customers, but in the social media world you must be professional and fun because people don’t want some serious person communicating with them over the internet. If you have ever been on Twitter then you have seen how people Tweet. You only have 140 characters and you do not want to fill them up with professional gunk and have your viewers look at 5 separate Tweets to finish one idea. They should be fun about it but be professional and give off a good name for the company. When the customers feel comfortable then your business will thrive.


Lastly, one should see how much experience the expert has in their field. This is true for any job, but for this one they should know exactly how different social medias work and know how to use them. However, they should also pick things up quickly and learn new medias because there will always be new ones coming up everyday. Knowing the old is good but being able to learn another one is a must skill for any social media expert.

These are 5 characteristics that you should look for when hiring a social media expert. If they have all 5 of these then they are a great employee and will help your company thrive in the social media world and you will get a lot of good revenue from them.

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