Helpful Guide In Wrapping Your Office With Safari Theme

It’s the room nobody wants to go in. But the work has to get done. You dodge the junk and the boxes long enough to get your task complete and get out of there. Wouldn’t you like to make you office space a place you want to come to? A place that’ll inspire you to write, dream or create? What about using a them that is guaranteed to take you away from it all. Give your office space a safari theme makeover! That’s one idea which fits any office space in CBD today.

Safari Colors

Safari colors come in a multiplicity of hues. From the color of tall wheat grass to the burnt orange of the mud, color is a big factor in achieving the right look. While we don’t recommend painting your entire room in burnt sienna, it might be the right color for accent pieces or an accent wall. Or if you like your look a little understated go with a light green like an olive color. Or use tans like camel and wheat. Combining these colors in wall paint and furniture paint will give your office space a safari theme you can live with whether it’s bold or more calm.

Safari Textures

Textures play an important part in decorating especially this theme. Don’t just think about paint colors. Think about presenting new colors in this office space by using textures. Shag accent rugs (yes, shag) can bring a dimension of warmth and stimulate the senses. Other traditional safari textures in decorating are bamboo, wood, wicker and stone. Besides accent rugs, pull in some functional wicker baskets for document storage. You could bring a wicker storage container as a furniture item. Use it for a variety of storage like magazines or extra throw pillows. Bring a nice piece of dark brown leather furniture. Just a simple leather chair will make your office space relay your jungle theme idea. Incorporate textures in wall hangings and even in your blinds. Bamboo blinds are inexpensive and perfect for a safari themed office space.

Potted Plants

Clutter isn’t the look you need when creating a safari space. A safari theme is peaceful and warm. It’s inviting and gives you a feeling of adventure. For that extra touch of adventure you’ll need some plants. Besides the standard palm tree (which is still great) try some bamboo and umbrella plants. Also go for large dried arrangements with a mixture of interesting pieces. Add a few touches of bright exotic color by stuffing the bottom of the pot with some coral colored blooms. Pick an exotic silk variety that isn’t common to your area.

Woods of All Colors

For a true safari look at different colored woodens. Good looking grain is all the matters. Light colors with dark accent pieces really give a room an adventurous safari feel. Add some wooden tiki masks to the walls and you’ve got a great finished product. Scour the thrift store for wooden elephants, giraffes or other exotic animals. Tall pieces that can stand alone are a plus.

Shop around for deals while this style is popular. There are some great ones out there!

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