HCG Diet Phase 4 Guide and Tips

Phase 4 is the last but not least part of the HCG diet plan. So you’ve finally met your weight loss goal, but can you keep off all the weight that you’ve lost at Phase 2 and Phase 3? A successful phase 4 is the key to stabilize and maintain your weight loss and is highly recommended by leptoconnect as well.

At phase 4 of the HCG diet, the dieter is looking to stabilize the metabolic process and weight and to balance the body with healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Following a three week period where the dieter is allowed to eat foods containing no starch or sugars, in phase 4 the dieter will want to re-introduce starch and sugary foods back to the diet with a great degree of moderation.

This process should be done slowly so the dieter can identify any potential food sensitivities. If sensitivity is identified through sudden weight gain, the dieter can then eliminate that particular food selection entirely and move on to introducing a different food selection into the diet.

 As you enter into phase 4 of the HCG diet, you may want to introduce fresh fruits first. Later, you can follow this action by introducing one or two fresh starch-filled vegetables like corn, squash, peas, yams, and potatoes. Make sure you keep all portions moderate and use a food journal to track both your weight and any reactions your body may have to the newly re-introduced foods. You can take seven to twenty-one days or more to reintroduce foods in your diet, depending upon how many foods you choose to reintroduce at one time.

After you have tried fruits and vegetables, you can move on to added other starchy foods like pasta, cereal, bread, whole grain selections, and the like. Always keep a very close eye on your weight; if anytime you note a weight increase, stop eating the most recent food you have introduced. Wait a period of seven days before trying to re-introduce the food causing you trouble or any other starchy food selections.

When you are prepared to try some foods containing high amounts of sugar, start out small by using all-natural sugar cane, agave nectar, or honey to see how you fare. You will also want to slowly re-introduce foods that are processed or that contain white flour since these foods are major culprits when it comes to weight gain. Always remember that the goal of phase 4 is to balance out your eating and weight and to ensure your weight remains stable.

You will have your greatest success with reintegrating fresh vegetables, fruits, and organic food selections. You will want to steer clear from pesticides, preservatives, additives, and too many sugars since this can cause you weight to fluctuate dramatically.

While you are in phase 4, keep your carb count low, your sugar count very low, and your protein count high. Make your food selections based on healthy, smart food choices instead of merely following your immediate desires.

Implementing a healthy exercise regimen is also recommended for HCG dieters in phase 4. You can start by taking Yoga or low impact aerobics classes to burn extra calories, to improve cardiovascular processes, and to tone the body. Learn more about exercises on the HCG diet.

Now you have worked your way through three phases of the HCG diet with considerable success and have lost the weight you’ve wanted to lose; now you will want to do the simple things you are capable of doing to ensure that every unwanted pound remains off for good. If you note that you gain a few pounds, try a high protein day, an apple day, or a steak day until you drop the unwanted pounds you have gained. Then return to the phase 4 maintenance stage to remain in optimal health. Good luck!

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