Having a yoyo loach as a pet- Here are some tips to take care

If a person has a yoyo loach in your house, you need to be extra careful as these species can be very aggressive sometimes when they are put with the same species. And that is why most people or experts advise not to put them in with the same species like Celestial Pearl Danio and with some other fish.

If you will keep a single yoyo loach with other fish, then it will make more friends and will stay content. It is because this fish is known to behave very aggressively if this fish is with the same species. More facts about yoyo fish:-

  • Cleaning of habitat

it is crucial for the owner of the fish to keep a check of the cleanliness of its habitat. When the surroundings are clean, there will be no issues in the health of a fishy.

  • Regularity in Feeding

A person should feed the fish on a regular basis. Keep a check that it is regular during the evening. It is because this fish needs the nutrients at this specific time so that it will be able to get it in a better way.

  • Types of food

These fishes are very easy to feed. You can fee anything to them whether a live worm or the dry food or it can be vegetables too. The only thing that one has to keep in mind is to give in adequate quantity. It is because overfeeding of food can cause many health issues.

  • Type of Habitat

It is vital to keep them in a tightly fitted lid aquarium. There is a reason for this, and they can get startled very easily, which can lead to heart disease.

At last, take all these measures to give a content life to yoyo loach fish. As we know, this fish is very easy to take care of, and it is fun to be around.

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