Great Bee Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Have you been asked to create a list of bee themed activities for a group of preschoolers? Has the thought of it left you feeling a bit frazzled? If so, please allow me to help as I can provide the best possible in the childcare newmarket as I have been deemed an expert in this regard. As a parent and a former preschool employee, I just happen to have a few bee themed lesson plan ideas tucked into my pocket. Perhaps one of them will be just what you need. Here they are:

Arts and Crafts

Letting the children engage in a series of bee related arts and crafts is one option worth considering. For example, an excellent honey bee pattern and coloring sheet may be found on the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture’s website. The sheets will help to introduce the children to a bee’s anatomy. Afterward, you could decorate your classroom with the bees and tissue paper flowers.

There is a paper plate bumblebee craft posted on the DLTK website that would be appropriate as well. I should also mention that the same site has bee related wall words that you could post onto your classroom’s bulletin board too. Some of the words listed on the cards are beehive and honey.

Songs and Action Rhymes

Another way to approach the topic is to include a few songs and action rhymes into your lesson plan. Based on my experience, there are several songs and rhymes to choose from. Personally, I like the “Five Busy Honey Bees” song and the “Beehive” action rhyme. In my opinion, they are well suited for preschoolers. They’ll help get the kids moving and counting. Additional bee related songs may be found on the Everything Preschool website.

Bees on Parade

Speaking of moving around, why not let the kids dress up like bees? Afterward, you could hold a pollination parade or let them play a bee themed game. As far as the costumes go, you could create bee antennas using blank headbands, chenille stems and Styrofoam balls.

To make them, just insert one of the chenille stem into a Styrofoam ball and then glue the other end onto the headband. Repeat the procedure until you have several pairs of bee antennas. In most instances, you can find all of those items available for purchase at major craft stores.

When it comes to the games, you could have the kids search for hidden flowers or play buzz tag. Directions for playing buzz tag are posted on the Fun Attic website.

Themed Snacks

Lastly, you may to consider incorporating a themed snack into your lesson plan. Two to consider trying are mini bunuelos with honey cream any honey snack mix. The bunuelos are made with fried flour tortillas and honey. You can find a recipe for the treat posted on the National Honey Board’s website. A recipe for the honey snack mix is posted on the Taste of Home website. It’s made with honey flavored cereal and crackers.

In addition, bee and beehive shaped cookie cutters are available for purchase on the Copper Gifts website. You could use them to create themed canapés. Items to consider utilizing with the canapés are honey flavored luncheon meats and honey oatmeal bread.

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