Gone in 60 Seconds Thrilling Car Movie Comes Zooming In!

Gone in 60 seconds is a great film that stars Nicolas Cage at his best and stealing cars. The plot was great and so was the action in the film which was non stop. In order to enjoy this movie or movies like this, you can click on 123movies where you get high-quality movies with ongoing tv shows that you can enjoy for free. 

The film starts off with Kip Raines, played by Giovanni Ribisi and his friends stealing expensive cars as they have made a deal with a stolen car salesman named Raymond Calitri. When the police burst into their warehouse and confiscate their stolen cars, the men are eventually able to escape but are in serious trouble. As Kip Raines seems unable to hold up his end of the contract, he is forced to bring in his older brother, Memphis Raines, played by Nicolas Cage.

Memphis Raines was an expert car thief and knows every trick in the book. He is considered one of the best thieves in the business. However, he had to quit once his mother told him to leave so that his brother Kip wouldn’t follow in his footsteps. Instead, Kip got himself into trouble and even though Memphis is a retired thief, Calitri threatens to kill Memphis if he does not cooperate.

The deal that Memphis must uphold is that he must steal 50 very expensive cars before a deadline in a few days and bring the cars to a loading dock on a ship for Calitri.

As Memphis finds himself back in the business of stealing cars, he enlists the help of his former team of thieves starring Robert Duval, a mechanic, and man who is the brains of the operation as well as Angelina Jolie and Delroy Lindo. Angelina Jolie and Cage also have a romance centered around a past relationship they had with each other.

The storyline then focuses on stealing these 50 cars which are no easy task. They must scout out the cars but watching how often they are driven and where they are parked. In addition, the cars must all be stolen on the same night because the police will notice if a car is missing for more than a day and will catch Raines and his brother.

On the night of the car stealings, every car is able to be hijacked except for one car, nicknamed Elanor by Cage. The car has given Cage trouble in the past and he has almost gotten killed by it several times while driving. As he hijacks the car, he is tracked down by two detectives and chases him in the car in a high-speed chase. In the chase, Cage exhibits his fancy driving skills in getting away from the police and driving at extremely high speeds.

He is also involved in a huge action stunt in which he is trapped on one end by police. His path is blocked by an ambulance and a huge ramp. As Cage accelerates rapidly on the gas, he launches the car into the air and above the ambulance, struggling to gain control of the car as it starts spinning out of control. As Cage sees his life flash before him, he finally gets control of the car and gets away. However, the car is given into the loading dock past the deadline and is in need of repairs.

Calitri rejects this last car and tries to kill Memphis Raines. As Raines escapes into a warehouse, he is chased by Calitri. In the warehouse, the policemen track down the two men. In one of the final scenes, Calitri has a gun to one of the policeman’s head and is about to kill him. Out of nowhere comes Cage who kicks Calitri off the ledge and kills him saving the detective’s life. As a result, the policeman lets Raines go free without arresting him and Raines is able to rejoin his friends in celebration; hanging up his life as a car thief once and for all.

I highly recommend this film to anyone, it will definitely not disappoint.

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