Finding The Best Benchtop Jointer For DIY Workshop

For those who like to do their woodwork on their own and want to save some money in the longer run, should opt for a benchtop jointer. These jointers are easy to use and versatile in operation tools which one should have. Yes, for many the cost owning the tool can seem a bit too exaggerated. But in the longer run, these machines can be cost-effective. Also, one can easily flatten to the surface of lumbar without any hassle and using lesser space using the best benchtop jointers on the market

Why benchtop jointers are a good buy?

It works similarly as a standing jointer without any difference in the result. But, the major difference is that it takes a lot less space than the former. It is semi-portable and therefore can be regarded as more versatile. 

One can easily use it to give shape and do 90-degree surfacing on any smaller lumbar piece. It is basically a perfect choice for those who are looking for a jointer that is easy to use; especially those who are simply starting to do woodwork. These jointers are small, have powerful motor and produce way less noise than the standing versions. Also, comparatively, it is less pricey and thus is affordable for many. 

Choosing a benchtop jointer

Few things that should be kept in mind while choosing the best benchtop jointers on the market are:

  • Check how mobile these jointers are. Make sure that they can be moved easily.
  • Check the fence and its adjustability. The fence is crucial to make sure that the wood is held at a place and also to make sure that the surface is flat.
  • Find a cutter head that is perfect for the type of work that is to be done using the jointer. Usually 6 inches in the common choice, but one can also find cutter of size 16 or 18 inches.
  • Keep in mind the power output. Check the power capacity and the speed of the benchtop jointer.
  • Lastly, one should take into consideration the cutting depth. Lesser the cutting depth, more time one will have to run the cutter through the wood.

Final words

A benchtop jointer is the best tool if one is interested in woodworking or wants to do some DIY projects. These are comparatively less expensive and take less space. Therefore it is perfect for those who want to set up a workshop in their garage.

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