Fascinating Feng Shui Bedroom Tips You Must Consider

If you are having a hard time sleeping, or feel that your bedroom is an uncomfortable space then using these Feng Shui tips are a great way to become a believer! Pay attention to the unnecessary items in your room and how they make you feel. Electronics, extra furniture and accessories with bright colors could be aiding to your anxiety, instead of calming you. Spend a day reorganizing your room, keeping in mind some simple rules and notice how much better you sleep.

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How many electronics are in your bedroom? Do they need to be in your bedroom? These are the questions you should answer first. If you have electronics in your room, such as a tv, computer or stereo, purchase a used folding screen to block them from your view at night. Put your tv or computer in an armoire that you can close. If you are unable to do these things, simply draping a blanket over the electronic at night will help you sleep better. Everyone has an alarm clock in their room, which should ideally be the only thing electronic in your room. If you use a digital alarm clock, use a small cloth to cover it while you sleep or turn it away so it isn’t facing your head while you sleep. Unplug and shut off all electronics that you aren’t using, while you sleep.

You should have minimal furniture in your bedroom to keep it relaxing. The art of Feng Shui, is about placement, but also about making a room help you feel good, a ton of extra items in your room will make you feel just as cluttered as the room is. Place extra items in your garage or closet, and make sure your bedroom consists of a dresser, night stand or two and a bed (that should be all of the furniture you need).

Look at your accessories and pictures that you decorate with. Everything in your room should be in warm colors. If you have night stands and lamps, you should have one on each side of the bed if you have a mate, this represents equality in your relationship. Mirrors shouldn’t be in your bedroom, but if you have one, there should only be one as a maximum. Make sure your linens are in warm, inviting colors and your bed is made and floors are cleaned daily.

Keeping the items in your room minimized and warm will offer an inviting retreat after a long day of work. Most people don’t realize the amount of sleep they loose because of clutter or electronics, work on your room to keep these things absent from your sleeping environment. Cleanliness will help keep your bedroom as inviting as the items that are or are not in it. Feng Shui is a great way to provide yourself with a happy, healthy sleep.

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