Facebook Movie, the Social Network (2010) Scores B+

As a Facebook fan aware that Mark Zuckerberg, inventor of Facebook was only 20 years old when he invented Facebook, I had high hopes for the movie The Social Network. Overall, I liked the film but didn’t love it. While it kept my interest throughout and was well acted and no doubt historically accurate up to a point, the movie for me was a downer. After it was over I was suddenly no longer such a big of a fan of Facebook and that was something I didn’t expect.

Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is portrayed as a nerdy genius in the film but was far from being a likable character. While no doubt the real Mark Zuckerberg really did have a perfect score on his SAT Exam and probably did have difficulty relating to women and fitting into Harvard Society, I have to wonder if he was really the big jerk portrayed in The Social Network. Sadly, I suspect the real Mark Zuckerberg was probably even worse than the film suggests.

I expected to see college kids thrilled with their new creation, Facebook, and stunned by its’ almost instant success transforming them from simply nerdy college kids to millionaires. Instead, the movie is more about the Zuckerberg’s failures in society and his relationship with co-founder Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) who was his best friend, initial investor and clearly the victim of the immature and socially inept genius, Mark Zukerberg.

While Facebook is the social network described in the movie, the title clearly has a dual meaning. Zuckerberg is a computer genius but in his early twenties clearly hadn’t mastered society, which is the real social network that this movie captures. He basically screws over his best friend, Saverin, in order to chase fame and party down with Napster inventor Sean Parker(Justin Timberlake.) Timberlake does a great job turning Sean Parker into the evil genius although I doubt if the character portrayed truly resembles the real Sean Parker at all.

Clearly the movie will be a success with reviewers overwhelming giving it positive feedback. But for me I was saddened to see that the genius inventor was not such a great guy and I’m suddenly a new fan of Facebook’s co-founder, Eduardo Saverin instead. In fact, I’ve already visited Saverin’s new web creation, Qwiki, which is a new talking and visual encyclopedia and search engine. I wish him great success with this project and it’s worth noting that even though Zuckerberg cheated his co-inventor he still managed to make more than a little money along the way so that he can fund whatever he wants to do in the future.

Saverin was clearly the good guy in the movie The Social Network but there is no doubt Zuckerberg is indeed the genius behind Facebook. My overall score for The Social Network is a B+.

The film has sadly turned out to be a highly colorful and melodramatic life story of Zuckerberg and it was quite evident in many scenes and while Eisenberg has done a commendable job, he fails to bring out the required emotions when he has to express emotions through his eyes and relies on spoken dialogues to do the trick all the time. It may become popular on cyberflix, but I would not recommend it much given the rating I have given it and would term it as a one time watch.

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