EJuice: The Many Advantages Over Smoking

eJuice or eLiquid is the same thing. eJuice is the solution contained in an Electronic Cigarette device that is heated to produce vapor. This vapor produced by the Electronic Cigarette is created when the eJuice is heated by the atomizing coil inside the Electronic Cigarette. When the Atomizer coil vaporizes the eJuice, it is then inhaled by the user. This gives the user the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. An electronic cigarette has become well known as one of the best tools for quitting smoking along with Snus, Snus is a moist powder smokeless tobacco product that is seen as another great alternative to cigarettes. Great care must be made when choosing your Electronic Cigarette, as well as choosing the right flavor of eJuice to go with it. The flavor that suits your tastes is what can be the determining factor in whether you will actually be using your Electronic Cigarette device or if it’s going to collect dust on a shelf. If you don’t choose an enjoyable eJuice flavor, there’s a good chance you will not be using your Electronic Cigarette device so and could cause you to revert back to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

There are many advantages to vaping ejuice over smoking tobacco. This includes:

  • Health:

There is no tar or other second-hand toxins produced by electronic cigarettes. Since there is no flame involved, when vaping ejuice, no combustion happens. Therefore, all the carcinogens found in tobacco smoke are not there. This does away with all the major health risks involved with smoking traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is contained in some eJuices which is what gives the satisfying feeling from smoking a cigarette. Nicotine itself is not unhealthy and studies show there are actually some benefits. It helps with brain function, memory as well as boosting metabolism.

  • Economical:

Vaping eJuice is far cheaper than regular cigarettes. The price of cigarettes has more than tripled in the past decade. One bottle of eJuice is merely a fraction of that cost and is equivalent to a whole carton of cigarettes. Simply put, vaping is far cheaper than smoking, which is a good incentive on its own.

  • Convenience:

The indoor vaping of eJuice is permitted or often-times unnoticed because there is no smell. This allows you convenience and peace of mind, especially while in cold winter months when outdoor smoking can be quite uncomfortable. When vaping eJuice, there’s no need to go outside every hour on the hour, saving you time to be able to tend to business, thus raising productivity.

  • Flavours:

eJuice comes in a vast variety of flavors, over traditional cigarettes which only features 2 flavours. This allows a far more pleasant experience while getting your fix. There is no cigarette smell that can disturb those around you, especially non-smokers.

The above advantages are just a few of many more. There is plenty of incentive to make the switch to vaping eJuice with Electronic Cigarettes so if you’re a smoker who’s on the fence about quitting, try electronic cigarettes today!

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